Monday, October 19, 2015

Canada Must Rebuild


It looks like the horrid blue beast is defeated.

I would have preferred a Liberal minority, but who knows?

We're in for tough economic times and perhaps it's better to let the Liberals face it with a majority and no excuses.

I'm a little relieved that I don't have to worry about the Liberals and the NDP disgracing themselves with disconnected horse-trading. By that I mean that with a Liberal minority, Trudeau might have rejected any sort of power-sharing deal with the NDP, governed from the right, and made Mulcair and the NDP decide if they were going to acquiesce or join with the harpercons to force another election. An NDP minority would have come up with something just as nauseating I'm sure.

Of course, a coalition against a harpercon minority would have been problematic as well.

I am, of course, sad that the NDP and all that it used to represent (and still did since it was a decent social-democratic platform) has been thoroughly trounced. But this too might be a blessing in disguise.

[When Churchill fell from power to a sweeping Labour majority in 1945, Clementine Churchill told him that maybe it was a blessing in disguise. He replied that if it was, it was very well disguised.]

Because it will be the Liberals dealing with the tough times ahead. And I'm not Rush Limbaugh hoping Obama will fail. Jeeziz Krye-ist! I'm a working-class shlub! No, ... I just expect the Liberals to fail. The way McGuinty failed and the way Wynne is failing. Their middle-of-the-road ploosh really pleases no one.

No. What we have to do is take advantage of the fact that we now have a party in power that does not spit and shit upon the basic fundamentals of Canadian democracy and push for all we're worth to change this country from one where a total crud like stephen harper can get away with (literally) murder, for almost a decade, and where a lying, incompetent, ignorant degenerate like Rob Ford could have won re-election if not for his cancer scare, ... into one where First Nations do not live with boil water advisories for YEARS at a time; where political candidates who champion the rights of the Palestinians are NOT forced to recant; and where talk of taxing the rich and running the occasional deficit (to the Bank of Canada) are not heresies.

Is Mulcair gone? Probably.

Is harper gone? Hopefully. To be replaced by some even less talented piece of shit.

Congratulations to Justin Trudeau. May he uphold the proud Liberal tradition of not completely defecating on the basic principles of Canadian democracy!!!


trevorus said...

Well said. I sure hope someone pulls out an Access to Information receipt for the amount of paper shredders that were, or are, being purchased by the Con men right now..or whenever...three weeks ago maybe..who really knows what jeebus tarot cards they've been reading lately.

Not sure how I feel going from a majority govt to another though..

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but the NDP couldn't have slit their own throats more efficiently than by hiring Mulcair to run their party. I am left of the NDP and was thoroughly disgusted by that decision. This crash and burn of the NDP was written on the wall the day they hired Tommy-boy to run their show.
I fucking hate this. I am of the same mind as you, Thwap. After living with the con wannabe gubmint here in Ontario under mc-guilty and now wynne, I am still fearing for what will become of Canada. The liberocons are famous for making all kinds of grandiose campaign promises and then ignoring ALL of them within weeks after their election. And they did vote in C51. That was egregious.
Man, do I hope I'm not right about Pierre's kid.

thwap said...

Mulcair has to go.

I don't think he was as rotten as his results but this is a party that needs a house-cleaning.

We need our own Jeremy Corbyn.

I, personally, will be looking closer at Niki Ashton.

Anonymous said...

"We need our own Jeremy Corbyn"
Can't we just bring him in the way heil harper brought in crosby? It didn't seem to make any diff to the CONS that an alien was running their campaign. Why not an alien P.M. too? At least we know where this guys stands and he has balls. You got to give him that.

thwap said...

Corbyn is, ... what? 69 years old?

And there won't be another election in the UK for another 4-5 years.

But that'll be sooner than the next Canadian election.

He's needed over there. And we need someone from here, who understands our issues and needs.

(I understood you were being facetious, but I wanted to address your point seriously.)

Anonymous said...

as always, thwap, you give a balanced post that sets aside blind partisanship. Thanks. I believe - and history has shown - that parties can change and a decent leader can make a difference so I am hoping that as Trudeau said in his Mansbridge interview that the LPC needed to suffer defeat to learn it needed to change. I was amazed when he was chosen as leader when there were several really good, solid, committed and consistent NDP MPs who could have successfully challenged Trudeau. Sadly, some of these are now gone - Stoffer and Dewar would have been terrific and I will miss them both. Pat Martin, though he could not win an election as leader, I am sad to see him gone. Mulcair hopped parties to forward his own ambitions and too often tried to sell himself during the election rather than focusing on Canadians and Canada and what they need. And yes, charisma matters because you need to want people to listen to you and Mulcair just doesn't have it. Smart man, tough man, good in Q&A but too hard to trust. Balanced budgets right away? Really?

Went over the list of those who didn't hold their ridings, tried to be as unbiased as possible but can't say I'll miss a single CPC MP. The best I can say about some is "mostly harmless" as they followed Harper on just about everything, spineless.

Normally, I like a minority, either NDP-LPC or LPC-NDP but in this case, I am relieved that we have four years to reclaim some of what was lost through harper gutting our democracy, our rights, our labour laws, and on and on. It was so very, very good to read letters from NDP MPs saying they will give Trudeau a chance and work with him, to read how people in Windsor also wish to do the same. 900ft J

thwap said...

Thanks for that. And I agree with you about the harpercons. "Mostly harmless" (when alone without anyone giving them ideas) is the best you can say about any of them.

I hope that JT sincerely listens to the millions of Canadians who feel disenfrachised by our first past the post system; and those of us who resent having to feel terrified that justifiable differences between progressives could allow monstrosities like the harpercons to gain power again.