Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chris Alexander Turned A Blind Eye To Torture and the Raping of Children?

If we as a country took this stuff seriously, there would be questions such as "What did he know and when did he know it?" in this campaign. But we, as a people, haven't really stirred ourselves at the knowledge of widespread malnutrition in Canada's North, so there aren't any such questions.

But the fact of the matter is that torture and the raping of children was widespread amongst our Afghan allies. Richard Colvin sent out several emails about the torture issue. But just like nobody heard about the Duffy bribe, nobody seems to have read Colvin's emails.

Mr. "Barbaric Cultural Practices" should receive a full investigation after he falls from power.

I have one hope; that the Liberals and the NDP drag all of the harpercon crimes out into the light and destroy them as a political force. Then the business class can vote Liberal and the Earl Cowans of the world can form their own version of the Tea Party and jerk themselves off in rage-a-thons about LIBERAL CORRUPTION!!!!!! and leave everybody else the hell alone. Make Rob Ford their leader.

While Chris Alexander watches it all from his prison cell.


Anonymous said...

The Libs will never get to the bottom of Canada's complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees. Hell, they supported Harper's move to deep-six the document disclosure. I strongly suspect there's as many documents pointing to the Martin government as there are to the Harper regime.

thwap said...


Yes, but what's to stop the truly cynical from pointedly refusing to even look at Liberal crimes?

Bring out the dirt on the harpercons and laugh as they scream "It's not f-a-i-r!!!"

Anonymous said...

Thwap, nothing would make me happier than seeing Harper, Martin and their ministers in the dock facing war crimes charges. But we both know that ain't happening.

It ain't happening because it would require the consent of the Attorney General and no PM is going to put his predecessor on trial like that. The US is a fine example of the principle: Obama didn't prosecute Dubya for the illegal war in Iraq, Dubya didn't prosecute Clinton for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, Clinton didn't prosecute Reagan or Bush Sr., and so on. The same applies in the UK. The way this works disgusts me, but it's reality.

b_nichol said...

First you have to secure the evidence; as the new Notley govt belatedly discovered before officially taking office, allowing the political staff of the former regime unfettered access to the shredders meant that most the backroom and shady deals will forever go undiscovered.

thwap said...


There needs to be strict laws about what is public business and what is private business. Harsh penalties for deviation from this.

And collective responsibility for upholding of this principle.

And WE have to demand accountability. And WE should have the RIGHT to get physical with any politician who tries to engage in this low corruption.

thwap said...


Re: mutual protection of each other for war crimes.

You're right. But a guy can dream, can't he?

b_nichol said...

Not to belabour the point but it appears as though the incumbent has already decided that he has lost:

thwap said...


I think the high turnout for the advance polls depressed him.

Lynton Crosby is the rat leaving the sinking ship. Crosby's team is now saying they never even worked for harper.

What's harper going to do? Look like the jilted date saying "He did TOO work for me!!!"

harper will keep quiet or else someone might ask him why Crosby is denying ever having associated with him. Because Crosby doesn't want to be associated with a loser.