Tuesday, October 13, 2015

People are stupid. But right-wingers are disgraceful

People are stupid. And I'm people. And gawd nose that the recent exhibition of partisan hackery and overall cluelessness among certain Liberals, Disaffected Liberals and Disaffected Dippers that I've been writing about of late is also stupid.

But the Conservatives and their right-wing base manage to trump even that. To a right-wing doofus, physical assaults on Muslim women happening at exactly the same time as the Conservative Party whipping-up hysteria about Muslim terrorists and Muslim barbarians and Muslims hiding because well who knows what they're hiding .... to a right-wing doofus, the correlation is just a coincidence. Even if in his lizard brain that right-wing doofus feels like going out and beating up a Muslim or at least writing a swastika on a Muslim-sounding candidate's election signs, for reasons he can't quite remember.

To campaign on such a stupid distraction as the niqab. For someone like Lynton Crosby to think that's a good topic to campaign on. NO OTHER PARTY selects racist dog-whistle imagery to base a campaign on.

No other party accuses anti-war protesters of being troop-hating traitors and then, when the troops come home maimed and wounded, nickel and dime them out of their benefits and drive some of them to suicide in frustration and despair.

Only the right-wing can puke up such a dreadful pool of disgusting vomit as Rob Ford. (I haven't forgotten Rob Ford!) Seriously! They'd vote for that piece of shit!

Only the right-wing gets us involved with wars overseas for the simple reasons that they hate everyone and they love the idea of their country being at war.

Only the right-wing would agree with the insane notion that terrorists are hiding among the Syrian refugees and that this is a grave danger.

Seriously! Take one minute to imagine how that's supposed to work!

ISIS: "Okay Ahmed! We need all our forces now for the great battle against Assad and the Shiites, but I want you and your family to flee to Turkey and go live among the refugee camps. Then, when all your money is exhausted, try to get yourselves to Europe. If you don't drown on the way you'll end up in Greece or Hungary. If you're not arrested and deported or have your brain bashed-in by neo-Nazi thugs, you just might get to apply for refugee status in Canada! Once you're there it'll be a simple matter to buy explosives and organize a terrorist cell among Muslim Canadians and ...."

As I said above; I've said and done some stupid things. But right-wingers, as a group, are so lamentably stupid, on such a consistent basis, that they just get swept along in a wave of stupid beliefs, stupid ideas, stupid opinions, stupid delusions, stupid hatreds, ... and it all piles one on top of another, and then this giant mass of stupidity meets another stupid person, and then cynical corporate scum and their political henchpersons organize and pander to these stupid people and the results are sickening to behold.


Anonymous said...

Little segue:
I have a terrible suspicion, Thwap, that we are going to see a liberal/con coalition gubmint here after the election ballots are miscounted again. I said a couple of weeks back that this is the NDP's election to lose and right away mulcair starts his bullshit attacks on trudeau thus creating the new underdog candidate. Canadians are really stupid when it comes to that. They will vote for any rabid, unqualified idiot (see the last 9 1/2 years here for proof) out of national pity, guilt, shame or some bullshit emotion like that just because he/she is now being attacked by the "big, bad other guy". My hunch is that this whole current scenario was premeditatedly (new word in the "I don't give a fuck" dictionary) worked out before mulcair was ever "elected" to head up the NDP. (That was always much more than a suspicious move in my book. A has-been liberocon running the "lefty" party? WTF???) trudeau's Cinderella comeback looks a lot like O-bomb-a coming out of nowhere and miraculously becoming the preznit of the western world.
They may be horrendous bastards but they aren't all that stoopid. We keep "voting" them back in based on the way they keep playing us, ay?

thwap said...

I see it differently. I think they're evil, but they're not smart.

Mulcair's selection, while dodgy, also comes right out of the mushy middle-of-the-road "pragmatism" that I think infects the whole party apparatus. It's not limited to Canada obviously. Look at all the corrupt-thinkers who supported Blairism in the BLP. Jack Layton moved the NDP to the centre and he championed Quebec NDP'rs, so it's not like Mulcair came out of nowhere.

The fact of the matter is that harper is deeply hated by the more intelligent 70% of the country. he only got his majority through massive fraud last time.

And the Liberals died because they'd given Canadians nothing but austerity, corruption and bullshit. The NDP swept Quebec because sovereignty isn't the huge issue it used to be. The NDP has done better in the Rest of Canada because the lacklustre Liberals imploded , people are hurting more than doctored statistics say, and the NDP used to promise something different.

Mulcair's rancid spport for Israel, his right-wing attack on Trudeau's deficits musings (when he should have ignored them) and some other things have torpoedoed his chances.

Will there be a LibroCon coalition?

It's anyone's guess. Mulcair might even hold out for something before supporting Trudeau, Trudeau won't give it to him, and they'll both support harper on a case-by-base basis.

Purple library guy said...

Mulcair was elected NDP leader for a simple reason: Half our seats were in Quebec and Mulcair had been important in making it that way and nobody wanted to tell Quebec to piss off just as they got to the party.
That said, he wasn't high on my ballot. But some of the other candidates I put higher, I'd have to admit wouldn't have been great leaders either. There were some nice and talented people in that leadership race, but frankly nobody much that screamed "I want this person to lead my party". A couple had that schoolmarmish "This is for your own good so eat your horrible foodstuff" feel about them. A couple were all post-ideological (Mulcair's ideology may be not as far left as I'd like, but at least he understands what the concept is for). One seemed a lot like a not-quite-as-good-looking-or-charismatic Justin Trudeau without the name. A couple were flakes. One was a party-apparatus guy who was also basically a wimp.

. . . I'd still like to see some chapter and verse by somebody sometime on just how Layton moved the party to the centre. The party has moved rightwards since, say, Broadbent's day (all parties have), but I'm unclear that any of that movement was really Layton. It may have been, but it seems to me that a lot of the movement happened in the interregnum, like under Alexa McDonough, and Layton just went with the status quo, even adding some newfangled green planks which were fairly leftish in conception--a green industrial policy and a government-run efficiency program to in effect allow people to make their homes more energy efficient for free. He just seemed more centrist because he was able to talk to the media as if it was all normal, but heck--Layton even managed to tell CBC interviewers he was a socialist, during an election campaign, without anyone getting alarmed.

thwap said...

At the time I like Nikki Ashton or Paul Dewar.

People grumbled about Bill Blaikie losing out to Jack Layton, but I didn't follow things that closely at the time.

Can't say much else but thanks for your contribution. I learn something when I read you.