Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Decay of the Elites With the Decay of the Economy

In the glory days of the welfare state, Conservatives offered programs to people and promised that a pro-business party would run them more effectively than any other party. Ignorant yahoos couldn't get near the reins of power. And, as voters, they were not pandered to.
Since the 1960's however, it was felt (by elites) that democracy was getting out of hand. It was put forward that the welfare state was sinking under its own weight. So, no more public welfare programs.
With the demise of the Soviet Union, coinciding with the propaganda campaign against the "excesses" of the welfare state, it was decided that any pretence about government responsibility (or even ability) to promote the public welfare should be abandoned.
Now that they have literally nothing to offer the majority, we see Conservatives employing racism and other forms of scape-goating, to mobilize their voter base. "White culture is under attack!" "Christianity is under attack!" "The Family is under attack!" "Crime is out of control!" "Terrorists are coming to get you!" "Global Warming is a socialist plot to steal your money and your freedom!"
That's all they've got. And it appears to be enough. Likewise, the best people to spew this drivel are ignorant yahoos and scum-bags like Paul Calandra, Pierre Poilievre, Rob Ford, or towering slab of rancid mediocrity, Stephen Harper.
What really takes the cake is when these "Conservatives" (both the voters and the leaders) turn out to contain a relatively higher level of drug-abusing, violent criminal chicken-hawks than the rest of the population. Whether its KKK leaders found in bed with black male prostitutes, or Rahim Jaffer found with cocaine in his car, or Rob Ford (who needs no introduction), or Stephen "run for the closet" Harper who has teenaged girls passing out drunk in his driveway.


zoombats said...

It's no wonder none of the above would ever venture out in public without their gang. Wouldn't you just love five minutes alone with anyone of them?

thwap said...


As a matter of fact I would! (I've started working out.)