Saturday, April 27, 2013

Al Qaeda Via Arrestees

Nothing important. Just a thought: The stupid, anti-democratic harpercon scum say that since there's no evidence that anyone didn't vote as a result of the calls sending people to non-existent polling stations, there wasn't a crime,and we all should just drop it.* They ought to be saying that since those two arrestees in Al Qaeda-VIA never killed or generally terrorized anyone, there should be no penalties there either

I actually haven't read anything about the terrorism arrests that were so exquisitely timed to be announced the same day that the harpercons were shredding the Charter of Rights with the latest round of bullshit "anti-terror" legislation. Given the fact that the Toronto-18 "plot" was almost entirely initiated and egged-on by a coke-addict RCMP informant, and given the fact that most of the other files of our boys n' girls at CSIS and the RCMP appear to have done nothing but traumatize innocent men, I'm skeptical about this one. I should probably read up on it though, since I've often asserted that with the massive wasting of resources harassing people who end up being innocent, it stands to reason that the terror threat must be miniscule or even non-existent. If this was a real plot and not bullshit, that's actually fairly important.

* These harpercon scum should at least be commended for being apolitical about their proposed amnesty for those illegal, misdirecting calls. To hear them say it, they have NO IDEA who was behind any of the illegal phone calls. They just think "No harm, no foul" shrug their shoulders and move on.


Owen Gray said...

It's only a crime if they get caught, thwap. And if the police are in their pocket, that won't happen.

thwap said...

Right. So my question for Canadians is now: "What are we going to do about it?"