Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Economic Wisdom

Just want to point out something quickly. This Glob n' Mall article about PBO's Page vs. Dimbulb-Jimbo Flaherty's jobs forecasts says the following:
The PBO does not comment on whether the finance minister’s approach is appropriately balanced. Governments and citizens around the world are debating whether an economy is better served by boosting market confidence with a quick return to balanced books or a stronger focus on spending and employment will pay off in terms of stronger government revenue.
That's kinda weak sauce don't you think? Reading it you wouldn't think that 30 years of neoliberalism has just had it's biggest pants-shit ever, would you? You wouldn't realize that the debate shouldn't be whether the short-sighted greed-head scum-bags and their "confidence" (a vague, bullshit term) and a "focus" on, you know, maybe spending a little bit on the plebs, but instead, the debate should be between reversing the policy planks of the greed-heads entirely OR removing them from power altogether.

The greed-heads screwed themselves people. And their response to their fuck-up is to try to snatch up as much of what's left over after the disaster to maintain themselves in the fashion to which they've become accustomed. Neither they nor their mouthpieces have any claim to our respect, or our goddamned patience.

These cretins can say whatever they like. I'm long past taking any of it seriously.


Owen Gray said...

Folly has a long shelf life, thwap.

Anonymous said...

Brutal was that flay arty or shmo Leary jet someone should ask them is greed good (what about Bangladesh ) and then poke them with a sharp pencil

thwap said...

There's a section in one of Al Franken's books where he describes some South Pacific island that is a "free market" libertarian's paradise.

No regulations on anything. No taxes.

It's a corrupt, festering, inhuman shit-hold.

Hold on ...