Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Miserable Failure

So, Tom Flanagan is back, writing in the Glib n' Stale. (He doesn't have a steady gig like plagiarist, shit-for-brains Margaret Wente, but that might be testimony to his inferior fellatio skills.) Anyhow, if some figure, revered by the Canadian Left, had been filmed saying that child pornography was just a "taste in pictures" do you think they could ever rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of the Globe's editorial board? In Flanagan's case, he's done sterling service for Canada's scum-bag ruling elite, attacking and attacking and insulting the First Nations and providing a blue-print for their further marginalization and the expropriation of the wealth on and under their lands, so it's all got to be put in the proper perspective.

If a left-winger did that AND did something like call for the assassination of Ezra Levant or Andrew Breitbart on national television, AND THEN told a right-wing viewer who emailed him to complain "I know where you live!" ... well, all this would be testimony to blah, blah, blah, self-interested hypocrisy.

So, Margaret Thatcher died. I think my idea of her legacy will be the working-class Brit who I met one summer working as a security guard between college semesters. He'd emigrated to Canada and was forced to do temp work like being a security guard. He liked Thatcher. He said: "Somebody had to do something about the unions. They were too powerful." Awesome buddy. Stick to your principles and ideas no matter what the reality. Let me know if they ever find the WMDs.

Let's face it, besides being at the helm of a superior military machine when a fellow fascist (Argentina's Galtieri) invaded the British property of the Falkland Islands, Thatcher was a miserable failure. Sure, she broke things (like the power of the trade unions in Britain), and that's usually about the extent of the "success" of any right-wing figure, but her "positive" achievements were nil. She was on the wrong side of history on Apartheid, on gay rights, on economic policy. Her world view was informed by the simple notion that as the daughter of a grocer, she knew that the books had to be balanced at the end of the day. Supposedly, wage workers don't have to pay for anything then? What? People don't go into debt to buy houses and take more than one day to pay it off? Corporations don't have debts?

She was just a miserable failure, like Tom Flanagan, Jimbo Flaherty, bush II, Barack Obama, Mike Harris, Ralph Klein, ... the whole damned miserable lot of them. But their failures serve the ruling class, so all is forgiven. By the rulers anyway. And the simple.


Beijing York said...

First it was all the "what a swell guy" coverage of Ralph Klein followed by all the "iconic and significant historical leader" coverage of Margaret Thatcher.

For some reason, I find myself slightly more sympathetic about the former than the latter's death. Klein's cut and bleed all social programs policy were vile but he wasn't as hateful as our current government on the Hill when it comes to Aboriginal peoples. As for Thatcher, I have yet to hear one freaking policy or view she held that would cut her some slack.

Some say she was for legalizing abortion. At the time of her early tenure, I worked at a summer job with another student who identified himself as a conservative (early 80s) and he was all for abortion rights. I found that surprising and asked why? His reason was that he didn't want undesirables and poor people reproducing. I kid you NOT. So whenever someone brings up Thatcher's supposed pro-choice position, I remember that guy.

thwap said...

She was a nut-bar on gay rights. Reading a comic book compilation of artists against one of her gay-persecuting policies was the first step in my transformation from a vapid teenage homophobe to the semi-decent person you see before you today.