Monday, April 15, 2013

The NDP and Socialism and Justin Trudeau

Well, the NDP decided that they don't like public healthcare, but that they do like private banks who gouge everything and everyone in sight. Or something that probably makes sense to Tom Mulcair. They took the dreaded word "socialism" out of their party constitution.

I've always thought this attempt to "move to the centre" is as bone-headed as it's possible to be. "Let's be like the Liberals who just imploded due to their lack of ideas!"


And, the Liberal Party of Canada has just made Justin Trudeau their leader. The Barack Obama of Canadian politics. A young, handsome, empty vessel, someone for whom dewy-eyed people can imagine all sorts of progressive things out of his vague rhetoric, but only from deliberate disregard for the non-progressive things that he's said.


Canadian politics has become so debased, so delusional, that none of this matters right now. Let's go all-out to simply force our representatives to respect the basis of their power over us. The NDP and the Liberals can at least claim to support Parliament and the Constitution. We have to stop harper first. Then we can work on improving the intelligence and sanity of our politics afterwards.


bcwaterboy said...

The key to stopping harper thwap, and what neither the NDP or Liberals have been capable of so far, is to hang his highly egregious policies around his neck and put him on public display. One week in, and harper still isn't wearing the temporary foreign workers debacle, think for one second if Tom Mulcair had been behind it that there at least would've been a commercial by now?

thwap said...

Apparently Mulcair gave him what-for in the HoC yesterday.

But we'll see ...