Friday, April 19, 2013

Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Obama Liberals

President Obama expanded the war in Afghanistan (like he said he would), attempted to prolong the occupation of Iraq past the exit date negotiated by bush II, supported the TARP bail-outs, presides over the torture of Bradley Manning, failed at his promise to transfer the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to some other lawless hell-hole, vastly expanded the murderous predator drone program, attacked the Occupy Movement, protected Wall Street banksters from criminal prosecution, the only person to serve prison time for the USA's torture regime since Obama came to office is John Kiriakou (the CIA agent who blew the whistle on it). Obama has espoused indefinite detention of terrorism suspects and claims the right to murder US citizens on American soil.

That's all pretty much off the top of my head. (Aside from having to look up John Kiriakou's name.)

In short, Barack Obama is a menace. He's an asshole. He's an imperialist, mass-murdering scumbag.

I don't care how loathsome his racist, right-wing hypocritical opponents are. I don't care about how stupid Sarah Palin is, or how vile and crazy Glenn Beck is, or how putrid and senile John McCain is, or how craven and scuzzy the entire Repug elites are.

Barack Obama is responsible for himself and his own crimes.

And it's the simpletons among "progressives" who, whether through partisanship or from being overwhelmed at the enormity of the issues, who give Obama a pass for all of his crimes, who are standing in the way of us ever achieving any sort of decent society.

In another online guise, a poster who I tend to respect took offense at my categorizing the latest crisis with North Korea as being Obama's fault. The poster informed me that I was attempting to grasp at the reality that Obama is merely continuing what had been bush II's policies and those of most presidents since the end of the Korean War.

To whit; a variant of the argument that Obama is a helpless non-entity, carried along by the tide of fate. Some "progressive" Obama fans have actually excused Obama based on the fact that America has an empire. The sad truth is that whatever it is, the psychoses that produce Obamabots makes progressives forget that imperialism is a BAD THING that we should struggle against, and not an excuse for when someone that deluded people think is on their side, does bad things.

I mean, if you're going to ignore Obama's vast ramping-up of the killer drones, and the increasing of troop levels in Afghanistan, and babble that Obama is a prisoner of the office of the presidency, ... why criticize anyone? Why did so many of these types condemn bush II then?

The most persistent display of this shit-headedness though, comes from the "funny when he's making fun of easy--target David Brooks, but infuriatingly stupid when he attacks Obama's critics" blogger Driftglass.

I was going to go in and critique one of his laughable partisan splooges in detail, but having skimmed or re-skimmed (in the case of older ones) a few examples, I'm too sick at heart. Perhaps I'll do one tomorrow.

I also read this ranting nonsense:

Either way, reality is at best treated as a despised red-headed stepchild in Greenwaldian spewings whenever the subject is Barack Obama.
Earlier that day on the same network, a solemn discussion was held, in response to complaints from MSNBC viewers, about whether it is permissible to ever allow Barack Obama's name to pass through one's lips without prefacing it with an honorific such as "President" or "the Honorable" or perhaps "His Excellency" (that really did happen).
Got that?  "MSNBC viewers" (read: Someone who posted a comment on the internet) brought up how to address the President, and they talked about it!  Those awful wretches!  Don't they know that the proper mode of political discourse is teeth-gnashing schizophrenic monologue devoid of reason or accountability?  Especially when the subject has anything at all to do with Barack Obama!  Any honorific saner than Your Nazideathpuppymurderiness means you might as well just get it over with and lick Obama's balls.  This is apparently the kind of thing that goes on in the fervid Neo-LaRouchian whackyland that is the mind of Glenn Greenwald.

What do you say to something like that? The dunce actually thinks its a good use of network television time to talk about how there needs to be some sort of honorific. And he writes as if he thinks this is a substantial part of Greenwald's critiques of Obama and his enablers.

By the way, it was Driftglasses' spewing of hatred against Greenwald that first got me on to this topic. One of Driftglasses' more persistent memes is that Greenwald discredits himself when he supports a particular stance or action of Ron or Rand Paul. It never seems to dawn on Driftglass that he's more vulnerable to charges that he's an apologist for Obama's crimes than Greenwald is for the stupidities of Pauls Snr and Jnr, because he seems to believe in such logic whereas Greenwald doesn't.

Why am I talking about this? What's the relevance for Canada? Because I honestly believe Justin Trudeau is a Canadian version of Barack Obama. A telegenic presence, a marketer's dream (which in Obama's case is more like a product), who will convince Canadian progressives to turn off their brains and sell their souls the same way Obama does to US progressives.

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