Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Attack Ad Against Justin Trudeau

I'm really unhappy about Justin Trudeau. Seems to me that he's what stands between the bankrupt Liberal Party of Canada (a "vision" for Canada that appears to be some incoherent mish-mash of corporate inhumanity and vaguely progressive rhetoric) and its eventual demise. With his name and his looks he'll kindle enough interest to help spoil the NDP's chances of reducing the harpercons to a minority.

Regardless of all that (and not that I have any high hopes for the NDP under Mulcair) I find those harpercon attack ads against Trudeau to be sickening. I'm tired of these asinine attack ads. The fact that it's the fourth in a series of these garbage-brained nuggets of stupidity is what really gets to me. Dion, Ignatieff, Mulcair, and now Trudeau. This sort of crapola is not what political debate is supposed to be about. It appears to be all that the "conservatives" are capable of though. This is the party of KKKate Makkkmillan, Kady Shittle, Rob Anders, David Sweet and John Baird after all.

I have it on good authority though, that Justin Trudeau is a very good looking man. Running ads featuring his handsome face and of him disrobing (both taken from his participation in worthy causes) is probably going to have the opposite effect that the harpercon brain trust is hoping for.

But this lil' post is about the fact that if you go to the youtube video of the ad put up by the harpercon party of Canada, you'll see that the gutless pricks have disabled comments for it. Probably because they know they're a hated vile crew of scum whom the vast majority of Canadians would like to see reduced to living naked in the woods or imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

And now, for no reason:

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