Sunday, April 28, 2013

Torture is Still a Crime

Just in case anyone has forgotten. Just in case the shamelessness of our current political culture has caused you to lose your moral and legal bearings. Beating people until they answer questions, driving people mad through sleep deprivation, systematically humiliating powerless human beings, mutilating people's genitals, threatening the families of prisoners, stress positions, water-boarding, etc., etc., ... it's all torture and it's all wrong and it's all illegal.


meadowlark said...

ICC found Harper guilty of, stonewalling and blocking ICC's investigation on, the torture of the Detainee's. Harper participated so, why isn't he being tried and sent to prison?

The U.N. Security Council requested Harper, to join 60 other country's, to refer Syria to the ICC, to try Syria for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper point blank refused. What the hell is up with that?

Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Icc's Chief Prosecutor, was to try Harper for war crimes and crimes against humanity as well. What's with that one too?

Torture is a crime? Convince me?

thwap said...

That's the stuff about lost moral and legal bearings that I was talking about.

Even Ronald Ray-gun (who's CIA taught torture at the School of the Americas) had to say publicly that there was never an excuse for torture.

Now we have liberal princelings like Ignatieff and Obama saying it's often necessary and "progressive" idiots like drift-glass attacking anyone who is outraged and disgusted by such behaviour.