Saturday, April 20, 2013

First-past-the-post + divided opposition = harper win

This sanctimonious, falsehood-filled, ethically bankrupt article is good for something. harper will probably win the next election if things continue as they are going.

And, no. I don't want to go to a street corner somewhere and pointlessly protest something for an hour or so.

I wish we spent more time working on getting power and less time bewailing the latest atrocities.


Purple library guy said...

I just don't buy this. The Cons, Trudeau effect aside, have been gradually trending downward in the polls for some time now. The general territory they've tended to be in is not sufficient for a majority, even if the opposition is split down the middle. They barely got one in the last election; 1% lower and they would have been in minority territory. Except nobody would have given them the minority this time, we'd have seen Cons with the most seats but NDP or Libs forming government with support from the other. I don't see a Con government at anything below at a bare minimum 36%, and I'd say it's more likely than not that they won't manage 36% even if no more troubles come their way between now and the next election.

Harper isn't Emperor Palpatine, no matter how much he wishes. He's just another politician and his party is distinctly vulnerable.

thwap said...


The way I see it, if Trudeaumania II happens, it will help boost the Libs at the expense (mainly of the NDP).

In our electoral system, that's murder.

Also, harper would have had a minority last time but for his election fraud.

And, isn't it surprising, when you consider how he's a mystified as anyone else, as to who committed all that fraud in the last election [it wasn't the Conservatives, but if anybody knows anything, they're welcome to bring it to the always diligent Elections Canada], ... that he hasn't introduced any election law reforms or anything to ensure this fraud doesn't occur again?

He's all set to steal the next election and we're all set to play the game on his terms again.