Tuesday, February 18, 2014

About Trolls

Boris over at The Galloping Beaver found a study that argues that internet trolls are psychotic fuckwads.

That makes sense. I used to go to right-wing sites and argue with them. I'd argue pretty caustically sometimes (given what hateful, racist, war-monger shit-heads they were) but I'd never pretend I hadn't made a mistake when I'd made one. And I'd never return again and again to make mindless, ad hominem insults about the blogger.

To do that, one would have to be a psychotic fuckwad. Like a genuine troll.

Sorry I don't have anything more valuable to say.


Anonymous said...

I too go onto those conbot boards. The most of them are, ranting raving Harper fanatics. What you say can be, brought up in Parliament, news outlets, political bloggers sites, retired Journalist sites and can be all over the net.

The conbots never bother to check and see, if what you say is true. I just say, want some links? I have many. Most of them know better, than to ask me for links.

Conbots are very similar to Harper's personality. The minute they are challenged? They immediately resort to name calling and nastiness, just as Harper does in Parliament with his childish attacks on the opposition.

thwap said...

There was one guy at Saskboy's blog who was admittedly smart, but such a lying fraud.

If you made an error he guffaw and howl about it forever. When he fucked-up though, dead silence.


Owen Gray said...

Like Mr. Harper, thwap, they have lots of scores to settle.