Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lil' stevie harper's Corrupt Petro-State

It's beyond ridiculous.

A CBC News investigation has unearthed a critical report that the federal regulator effectively buried for several years about a rupture on a trouble-prone TransCanada natural gas pipeline.
On July 20, 2009, the Peace River Mainline in northern Alberta exploded, sending 50-metre-tall flames into the air and razing a two-hectare wooded area.
Final reports are typically published by the investigative bodies, either the NEB or the Transportation Safety Board, but this report wasn’t released until this January when the CBC obtained it through an access-to-information request.

The NEB said the delay was caused by an “administrative error” when an employee left without transferring the file over.

TransCanada did not respond to a CBC request for an interview.
 What a steaming pile of total bullshit. Of course they don't want to be interviewed. They're already lying through their teeth. Exploding pipelines and derailing freight cars. All thanks to deregulation or self-regulation. This is a corporate petro-state ladies and gentlemen.

I hear that today, racist, stupid lazy pissant Pierre Polivierre is going to be releasing his secret election reform legislation. It will obviously be a travesty. 

And, we will continue to do nothing. We grumble about it, but we Canadians let the thieves run the joint.


the salamander said...

.. monsieur Poilievre is crafting his own particular 'legacy' .. Thwap .. & not exactly glittering

Toxic, noxious, arrogant, vain, always willing to do anything to serve, please or emulate his idol Stephen Harper..

I often think of In/Out Pierre as 'Harper-Lite' .. not fully devolved quite yet.. vitally flawed in some disturbed way I have yet to perceive.

Who better to tell a breathless Canada of the romantic charms of Jenni Byrne.. the craftiness of the late Senator Finley, or how John Baird & Jason Kenney manage their odd & adverse political 'marriage' marriage .. or go along n git along with say.. a Rob Anders (and vice versa)

Bottom line tho.. and there truly is a 'bottom' to asshats like Poilievre's so called 'public service' to Canadians .. he's just another ugly faux Canadian that's climbed aboard the Harper plague ship..

Once 'outed' for who he really is.. and what he's really done.. one must question who would hire him.. & to do what? Apply lipstick to pigs? Handle toxic materials? Serve as valet or cabin boy on a one way trip to Pluto?

He has no 'up' .. and that's his just deserts.. he has no sideways wriggle room.. so what's left? Down baby down.. or write his disgusting complicit sellout & inside perspective memoirs..

thwap said...

It's possible that he'd be hired by the murderous scumbags whose freight trains are destroying small towns or whose tar sands are giving First Nations villages cancers.

I wonder who would have voted for the sniveling brat.

Simon said...

hi Thwap...well you were right about Poilievre. Can you believe those Cons trying to foist a voter suppression scheme upon us called the Fair Elections Act? Isn't that the limit? They really are the Big Brother gang. But then they have to sell that oily pig, and as your post points out it's not easy. Lil' stevie Harper's corrupt and explosive petro state.Hopefully one day it will blow up in their faces...

thwap said...

Hi Simon,

I'm trying to focus my thoughts to respond properly to this nefarious piece of proposed legislation.