Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How the Fuck is it Supposed to Work???!!!?

Non-violent, mainstream protesters; you leave me kerfluffled. Boggling. Please explain it to me!

There's an inhuman policy that you don't like.

You decide to protest.

You set a time and place and you advertise.

A few people show up. You know many of them. Depending on the issue and other factors, your numbers can be anywhere from 5 to 100,000.

You have people speak about the issue. You affect to speak directly to the politicians you disagree with. You chant. You wave your signs.

You go home.

How in the fuck is that supposed to accomplish anything?

I wouldn't ask except for the fact that it seems it's all you're capable of coming up with.

You do this again and again and again as if you think somehow something different will result from it all.

I just need someone to explain the point of it to me.


opit said...

If you get a sensible answer, let me in on it. Mind, Care2's head honcho says their petitions and activism do get results, so who knows ? And the Council of Canadians runs their information service because they despair of getting results via the polls, so do what they feel has at least a ghost of a chance of working: move the population's awareness.

thwap said...

Oh, I think the CoC does good work. You know, that lawsuit to try to overturn those election results, ... that really inconvenienced those asshole Tories.

And I suppose at some level, petitions and boycotts can still get results, if at a smaller scale.

But as far as fighting global warming/Israeli imperialism/violation of treaties with First Nations/economic justice, ... not so much.

I'm so bitter that when I get emails from LeadNow, my lips curl up in a sneer.

liberalandlovingit said...

Thwap I've concluded a few things lately; we need to fight the good fight and them, differently. The con-reformers and their followers are authoritarians and authoritarian followers. I've been doing some reading about them and there are many useless things we've been doing...AD NAUSEUM. So, it's time to change tact and most of that is educational. We, as a group, need to define and study the 1 in 3, that rule and follow with fear and close-mindedness, study together and teach others what does work, and win hearts and minds that way. Now, we know that 1 in 3 are basically unreachable. Small minority and they should be ashamed but aren't. So we must work together, Lib and Dip, to enlighten as many others as we can. The point being the working together part. It breaks my heart when the Dips take every chance to slag the Libs, while we know who the enemy really is. There is a site called with an article called The Authoritarians, that has lots of info on the followers, so we can learn much together, I think. And teach others new ways to fight the good fight. I've been doing much reading on Liberalism as well(hands off Monsta' Moore--you're nowhere near it!!) and the contrast could not be greater. Like light is to dark; it works every time... Have a great day!

thwap said...


Well, if you search this site, you'll find that I hate the Liberal Party of Canada, while still liking individual Liberals.

That having been said, you'll also see a recognition that all non-con parties have to work together to defeat the greater menace.

FWIW: I'm increasingly disgusted with the NDP. And it seems that "progressives" can be just as hypocritical and partisanly insane as tea-bagger/authoritarian "conservatives."

I'll check out that site anyway.

liberalandlovingit said...

I agree with what you said about extremes and partisanship. It goes, quite simply to me, directly to that which is really important to the nation's people--way better public policy and collaborative civic resposibility, for starters. Not slagging the other parties/individuals because they're a threat to your electoral fortunes--that's gotta stop. Anyway, I have some other ideas/questions to ponder like how we can take back the language the cons are so famous for terrorizing in their dishonest, smarmy, Luntzy--Rovey way. That gets my ire up. ;)