Sunday, February 9, 2014

Went to a protest rally last night

It was a small, spur of the moment thing. The gutless coward stephen harper doesn't let people know his itinerary until the last minute, but CUPW keeps track and organizes protests wherever he is, just as a point of principle.

You know what? We should do to the corporations what the harpercons do to the unions. Especially those greedy, selfish assholes smashing their freight trains all across the country. And the meat packers too cheap to worry about basic hygiene. And the banks stiffing us all and then forcing their own employees to train their overseas replacements. And the Bay Street fraudsters gouging Canadians and their workplaces.

But we won't be able to even begin doing any of this until and unless we learn how the people can hold their political representatives accountable. Right now, we can't. Because last night, some First Nations people got to the megaphone and expressed their pain and I obviously don't begrudge them that. But let me tell you something; I had a room full of twenty-somethings a couple of weeks ago and I asked them if they'd heard about "Idle No More." They hadn't. They had no idea what it was. Flash mobs aren't going to force harper to do anything.

Then some white people got on the megaphones and recited their laundry lists of grievances and there were shouts of "Shame! Shame!" against stephen harper and then a rousing chorus of "The people, united, will never be defeated!" Then some CUPW types talked about the "fight back" against the harper government.

One guy shouted how we were ALL Canadians, one people, one set of laws. Totally oblivious to the protestations of the Idle No More contingent against his rant. Later, some libertarian twit took the microphone to denounce taxation as theft, causing the ONE PEOPLE - ALL CANADIAN guy to intervene; roaring BULLSHIT!!!! at him. The contingent of 50 people were showing their divisions.

That's why we get defeated.

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