Monday, February 17, 2014

Can't Muster Enthusiasm to Care About Foreign Affairs

Oh sure. I probably follow things more than the average person, but I find it increasingly hard to see the point of commenting on events in other countries when we can't even do anything about getting control of our own country. You know, I'm long since past the point where I'd say that Canada should "do something" about unspeakable horrors somewhere. Not only do I realize that our governments are controlled by monsters, it's increasingly obvious that we have zero influence and zero ability to gain influence to control these beasts.

"Sign this petition!"

Of for fuck's sake!

"Attend this one-day rally!"

Sorry. I'm pretty sure I'm busy on whatever day you plan on having that thing.

"Vote Liberal!"

Groady! Like, gag me with a spoon!

"Vote NDP!"

Slow-motion Liberals.

"Vote Green!"

An exercise in futility.

We're all so atomized and distracted. The pitiful few Canadians who actually care about their democracy are separated by vast distances and hobbled by few resources. Those few resources that progressives control are in the hands of dull plodders who wouldn't know what to do with people if they'd, by some miracle, mobilized them. (There are, obviously, right-wingers who imagine that they care about democracy too. For them, democracy is threatened by affirmative action programs, restrictions on their right to say "nigger" and "fag," and environmentalists who don't think the earth is a toilet. And then there are the "libertarians" who think stop signs are the first step on the road to Stalinism.

Go down to the neighbourhood bar and try to get people upset about Pierre Pollywog's "Fraudulent Elections Law" and they'll tell you to STFU so they can watch the Olympics. ("Go Canada Go!")

Is it just me or is there starting to develop an even more hyperventilating patriotism/nationalism in this country? Some laughable attempt to get Canadians just as pumped-up about empty symbolism as US-Americans are?


Anonymous said...

Well said, Thwap. And no it isn't just you about the many attempts to dumb us down. 1812 but not the anniversary of our charter? The Con pandering to the hockey, snow-mobiling, sport-shooting crowd? I know that one day they will be in third party. I don't care who is in Gov/Opp. It will be too late for some things then, and take a lot to repair others, but it'll be a beautiful sight to see, none the less. %>)

thwap said...

I'd like to think their demographic base is dwindling, but they've moved the political culture so far to the stupid end of the spectrum ... as you say, it'll take a lot of years to repair the damage.

Anonymous said...

Just now James the 'monster' Moore had the monsterballs to say they were "liberalising" something, something, con, something...No way can he have any part of that word. He is hijacking something he wants to destroy. What a fucking Nugent. Liberal and Loving it.