Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In a Democratic Canada the "Fair Elections Act" Would Have Produced Rioting by Now

 It's pretty ridiculous. Canadians watching the news from Venezuela or the Ukraine and believing they and the Canadian government have something to say about "democracy" and "the people" in those countries, when our own government is proposing to institutionalize election fraud and Canadians are ignorant, indifferent or enthusiastic about it.

If I knew that there were a couple of dozen people in Toronto who would be willing to trash some MP's office over this I'd be so there. But a rock thrown through an HBC store window in futile rage against the waste of the Vancouver Olympics was too much for most leftists.

But don''t worry! LeadNow is going to send stephen harper a PETITION!

It's enough to make one weep.


Anonymous said...

I think Harper was born, with a lie in his mouth. The only true words Harper has ever uttered? By the time I get through with this country, you won't recognize it. How true? Canada has never been governed by a, fascist nor a dictatorship government, before Harper. Harper is an evil tyrant with no, honor, decency, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever.

Harper is the one and only Canadian PM ever, to be held in contempt of Parliament.

What kind of a PM, would have Canadians laid off their resource jobs and being replaced by, Harper's cheap foreign labor?

If we don't get rid of Harper, like yesterday? We are going to lose this country.

thwap said...

Well then, it's lost.

liberalandlovingit said...

...and you win the brevity/soul/wit award tonight! What are your thoughts on Ghandi and MLK's ways and means? Seriously, a million pissed off true-northerners, marching on the Hill? They don't have enough cops.

Dana said...

Been lost for a while, Thwap, sorry to say.

When any government anywhere slashes funding to the watchdogs and democracy promoters and doubles the budget to the surveillance agencies the deal is over.

If you can afford it and are young enough I recommend migrating to the locale of your choice.

thwap said...


Gandhi and MLK had awesome levels of moral authority thanks to their methods. They were also assisted by other important factors.

For instance, except for Churchill, most British politicians were prepared to give India significant autonomy before the 1930s. If Churchill hand't have been defeated in the 1945 elections there might well have been a bloodbath (before the post-partition bloodbath).

MLK had a lot of Northern US Democrats and Republicans on his side as well as the threat of a more violent movement if he was ignored.

I honestly think harper is so detached from shame or introspection that a million Canadians wouldn't affect him at all. In his calculus, if 20 Canadians, or 1,000,000 showed up for a demonstration, as long as they did nothing and went home, he'd realize he had a free hand.

If those million Canadians stayed put, or actually confronted him physically, that'd be something else altogether.