Saturday, February 1, 2014

Shameless Stupidity of Julian Fantino

Since my last post on him, Fantino has decided to show off even more of his mad skills at being a complete asshole.

Turns out that the veterans who had come from all over Canada to try to talk him out of closing their local Veterans Affairs offices, and who were upset that he didn't attend the meeting, and who then expressed their disgust and anger with him when he bumped into them afterwards and gave them some attitude, ... weren't really in control of their thoughts and emotions at all.

No sirreee. They were DUPES of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). PSAC paid their way to Ottawa and put them up at a hotel (some of them are on fixed incomes now). So, you see, these veterans weren't really upset about he closure of their VA offices. They weren't really mad that Fantino missed their meeting. (My source for this is a Joe Warmington interview with Fantino in the Toronto SUN, which I try not to link to.) They weren't really enraged with his boorish, obnoxious, arrogant behaviour. The poor darlings didn't know what to think. PSAC put all those doubts about Fantino into the empty vessels that are their skulls. Fantino insists that nobody cares more than he does about veterans. (In all honesty, I despise the ease with which right-wing vermin like Fantino or Rob Ford will express how they're the bestest, mostest in the world on any particular issue.)

As I understand it now, Veterans Affairs treats veterans like shit anyway. I think the closing of the offices and the transferring of their duties will be like Dalton McGuinty's consolidation of Ontario government offices into ServOn branches. He reduced employees and resources in the process, which was the point of the exercise. Fantino's empty-headed, self-righteous, self-pitying drivel notwithstanding, I suspect the same thing is happening here.


bcwaterboy said...

Fantino has proven yet again, he does not represent citizens, he represents a flawed and sinister ideology. Oh yes, he is also a nasty piece of work.

thwap said...

Nasty pieces of work is a suitable way to describe the bulk of the right-wing.

Free Dominion/Storm Front/Small Dead Animals/Julian Fantino/Kevin O'Leary/Rob Ford/Mike Harris/Don Cherry/Rush Limbaugh/Ezra Levant


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Ann!

thwap said...

I was thinking about Ann Coulter but decided to ignore her. You forced my hand.


Anonymous said...

Here are some I would particularily like to see eff off--The Davids --Brooks, Gregory and Frum. Rove, Carlson, O'Reilly and Gingrich. Selling snake-oil for the brood of vipers that own them will see them in pits of their own making.