Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Ugly, Cretinous Head of "Conservatism"

Pierre Poopleevair, ... if you've got nothing to hide you should have nothing to fear. But of course, your "Fucking With Elections Act," crafted in secret and rammed through with minimal oversight, is a disgusting effort at vote suppression, fraud promotion and corruption enabling.

Chris Alexander, your immigration reform proposals are cynical, racist, totalitarian garbage. Call someone a "terrorist" and strip them of their citizenship? Even if they were born here? Then you call civil disobedience "terrorism" and Bob's your molesting uncle. What else could one have expected from a mental degenerate like Chris Alexander though?

Jimbo Flaherty ... the dunce says that he hasn't been following the latest Rob Ford scandals; "except for what's on television and in the news."  This fucking moron can't even grasp that watching and reading about Ford's boorishness is the very definition of "following" it. The shit-head then goes on to say that Ford should still be praised for getting Toronto's finances in order. Aside from the fact that they weren't out of order to begin with, and that Ford showed himself to be entirely ignorant and stupid with regards to the city's financial situation, fuck-head Flaherty has a point.

Rob Ford comes out and says he doesn't like homosexuals but brother Doug says that doesn't make him a homophobe. I'm sure it all makes sense in Doug's tiny brain. It's fascinating in a sick sort of way. The completely idiotic brother blurts something out and the merely stupid brother tries to interpret it for himself and we get to observe the glorious results of both.

stephen harper's swing bandmate is up on charges of sexual assault. That darn liberal media/police/courts/tantalizing young females conspiracy at work again!

Tim Hudak wants to impose "right-to-work" laws. Next on his agenda of Southern USA cultural imports is the enslavement of non-whites. Randy Hillier is salivating at the prospects.

How long, O' Lord, how long must we suffer????


Beijing York said...

Dr. Dawg and others think that Chris Alexander's racist, draconian bill will be used against Omar Khdar. Freaking, degenerate bastards.

I think I will have to make a list of every single Harper Regime legislation and measure that is abhorrent and ask each of the opposition parties which if any they plan to overturn when elected. F*ck this ATM fees bullshit or independent Senators fig leaf.

thwap said...

I wonder where the simpering tool gets the idea that he has the power to strip anyone of their citizenship.

This piece of shit elections law is a done-deal. I wonder what impact it will have on the contest between harper and pretty boy and mushcair.