Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Polls Have Canadian Voters Popping Around In A Tiny Pinball Machine

First, harper's struggling, Mulcair has the lead, Liberals are in third-place territory.
Then, the Duffy Scandal, Earl Cowan's outburst, and the Syrian refugee tragedy, and harper's on the ropes, Mulcair surges and Trudeau is stagnant.
Then, in mutual bickering, Mulcair begins to attack Trudeau from the right. Trudeau gains. harper gains from the diversion.
Then, harper finds his racist mojo. Trudeau starts talking like a leftist. Mulcair's boyish crush on Margaret Thatcher, idiotic Zionism and unpopular (but principled) stance on niqabs keeps him down in third place.

The gyrations are pretty small. This is a tight, three-way race, which in our archaic electoral system, could even produce a harper majority. Especially with Green Party self-righteous fanatics acting as spoilers across the country.

What I'd like to know, is how could those people who now like harper have also been the people who were disgusted with him only a couple of weeks ago?

[I'd also like to know why Dr. Dawg continues to interact with the villainous scum, Peter 1, Jay Currie, and that pretentious vile "K" thing. Doesn't he have a happy, off-line life? What's the point of debating with serial liars and racists like that for, what? over ten years now???]


zoombats said...

After reading your comment above I went back to Dawg's Blawg having first scanned it last night. I must say it has picked up in it's amount of snapping and snarling. It got me to thinking. What if someone were to bring up the idea of no longer pledging allegiance to the Queen during events like citizenship? Could you imagine people wanting initiation into such a place as Canada refusing to pledge. As an immigrant from England in !957, I have always scoffed at that aspect of enforced loyalty. I know one thing, if Mulcair took that issue back to Quebec he would have everyone follow him as if he were the Pied Piper

Anonymous said...

zoombats, I agree.
Mulcair needs to pull it back together in Quebec. If the (another one of these dubious at best) poll(s) I saw recently is accurate, then his standing there has crumbled in only a matter of days. How fickle is the Canadian voting herd anyway? Two weeks ago, this was the NDP's race to lose and by gawd, they're doing a hell of a job of it now! WTF???
Thwap, the pinball machine analogy is tragically accurate. heil harper's relying on the average voter having the intellect and and attention span of a fruit fly, and apparently crosby, by telling harper how to run his "new, energized" campaign is disturbingly accurate. I guess psycho and stupid are not synonymous.

Purple library guy said...

Say, did you call me about something? I noticed in somebody's blogroll you seemed to have a post directed at me, but when I came here it was gone.

thwap said...

Sorry about that. I was going to ask you to email me. Then I remembered having some inexplicable trouble accessing that yahoo email attached to this blog, so I deleted it.

But google remembers stuff and evidence of it stayed.

I don't see you on EnMasse anymore, (don't go there anymore myself) so I couldn't send you a pm that way.

thwap said...


I'd probably vote for republicanism, but it's not important enough to me. If we had a figurehead president, the office would be abused as much as that of the Governor General.

thwap said...


It's sickening to behold how well that crosby dog-whistle bullshit has worked.

Thankfully it's a long campaign and people might forget their brief dalliance with Islamophobia and some new disaster will turn people against stephen closet harper.