Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chief Spence's Hunger Strike

 Chief Spence of Attawapiskat must be on Day Seven of her hunger-strike in the shadow of Parliament Hill.
The AFN is seeking to have Harper meet with regional and tribal council chiefs from across the country. Aside from a meeting between a handful of chiefs and Harper in his Langevin Block office and informal chats during a day of speeches, there was no direct discussions between the prime minister and First Nations leaders during last January’s Crown-First Nations gathering.
Spence, who is living in a teepee on Victoria Island in the shadow of Parliament Hill during her hunger strike, said it’s not enough to just have Harper at the meeting. She wants Queen Elizabeth II either directly involved in the meeting or through her representative in Canada, Governor General David Johnston.
Spence said the treaties were signed by the Crown and it’s up to the Crown to ensure they’re upheld.
“The Crown has been covering their eyes on these violations of the treaties,” said Spence. “Johnston needs to tell the prime minister that he has to work with the treaty and the leaders as partners and not go separate ways. The Crown made a promise to First Nations that if anyone violated the treaties they would be punished.”
Things like treaties (which involve legal contracts between peoples) and honour and respect, are entirely alien to stephen harper. Human rights codes are seen by this tub of rancid lard as being irksome obstacles for whatever unimportant goal he wants to pursue. It will be interesting to see how the scumbag responds to this.

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