Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear Canadian Racists: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Seriously. I'm nauseous from the stench of your hypocrisy, selfishness, ignorance, stupidity, whining and lying. Just can it!

From the stooges in charge of our corporate media, to our illegitimate regime of morons, thugs, frauds, religious freaks and self-hating closet-cases, all the way down to huckster preachers like whatsisface of the "Caledonia Wake-up Call" (or whatever) to the grassroots of mouth-breathing, shit-headed scum like KKKate MakkkMillan and her brood at SDA.

The Sixth Estate blog brought this atrocity to my attention. It's from the Globe & Mail. [You know, corporate media going behind a pay-wall is about as important to me as a racist shit-site like Storm-Front going behind a pay-wall. The very idea that I would pay to be insulted, lied to and exposed to the ignorance and stupidity of people like Margaret Wente and Jeffrey Simpson! You people seriously need to get your heads checked!]
Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence should not risk her health with a hunger strike, nor is coercion a reasonable or responsible tool to be used in making a request to meet with the Prime Minister and a representative of the Crown.
When he stood in the House of Commons in 2008, and made an historic apology for Canada’s role in the Indian residential schools system, Mr. Harper asked for the forgiveness of the aboriginal peoples of this country for “failing them so profoundly.” His sincere words revealed a respect for aboriginal peoples and, in his words, “their rich and vibrant cultures and traditions.”
At the same time Mr. Harper tried to put the relationship between the federal government and First Nations on a new footing. His government has sought to bring about needed reform and transparency to First Nations governance. The respect and the reform go hand in hand, and they are equally welcome.
Ms. Spence wants to discuss a treaty signed in the early 20th century and undertakings that were given regarding money, education and health care, in exchange for land. She says Canada has failed to fulfill its commitments. She speaks vaguely about a desire to create a new relationship between First Nations and the government.
The Chief should give up her hunger strike, and agree to meet with Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan, who has offered such a meeting and is the appropriate ear to hear such complaints. If she does not, Mr. Harper could make a magnanimous gesture. He has already shown he is a friend of aboriginal peoples.
Where to begin with this poisonous tripe?  Spence is being "coercive"??? These imbeciles write as if Spence's people haven't been cruelly denied adequate housing for years and years as a result of deliberate federal policy! They write as if her people's children haven't been denied a school after years and years of pleading. They write as if harper hasn't deliberately lied about the sources of the crisis of Attawapiskat, to whit: he KNEW that it was the federal "partner" that had been dragging its feet in responding to the crisis. (Or, at the very least, he could have discovered this truth within one hour of asking about it.) They write as if harper hasn't deliberately tried to use this crisis to grab power from the First Nations and to cynically blame the victims of federal racism and neglect.

Most importantly, the Globe & Mail writes as if harper isn't the one UNILATERALLY abrogating solemn treaty obligations to the First Nations. Or is that what they mean by their asinine statement: "Ms. Spence wants to discuss a treaty signed in the early 20th century"? What the fuck is the relevance of the detail "signed in the early 20th century"? Is that some clumsy way to dismiss it as old? The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is from the late 20th century. Will it become irrelevant in 2082? When was the freedom of the press first an unspoken right of the British parliamentary system? Perhaps it's quaint and antiquated too? Stalinists and fascists both thought they were modern, forward-thinking political philosophers when they talked about abolishing parliamentary democracy. it was old fashioned. It was unsuited to modern industrial society. It was so-o-o-o 19th century!

Whenever I think of the opinion leaders at the Globe & Mail, I picture a bunch of white-haired men (and a few women like Maggie Wente) dancing around in soiled diapers shouting "Don't listen to us! We're complete idiots!" Ever since they endorsed harper in 2011 I no longer think they have anything relevant to say about any issue of any importance. Endorsing harper shows they have no regard for parliamentary democracy and any criticisms they make of opposition to harper is of absolutely no account. Now, with their dismissal of Canada's treaty promises to the First Nations, they show themselves without merit on this issue as well.

And what nonsense about the sincerity of harper's apology! Talk is cheap Globe & Mail. Talk is very fucking cheap! Empty words. harper, supposedly, by his empty apology has "shown he is a friend of aboriginal peoples." His present attempt to rip apart the treaties notwithstanding. His denial of funds to "Sisters in Spirit" and his giving them instead to the racist, incompetent and sexist RCMP notwithstanding. Words fail me.

The Globe & Mail has the unmitigated gall to speak of the need for transparency and reform in First Nations' governance when they continue to employ Margaret Wente??? Listen Globe & Mail: You're not trying to provide services to isolated communities in the face of federal government intransigence and accusations of misappropriation of funds. All you have to do, in the case of your very important opinions page, is to make sure that your writers aren't liars, plagiarists and idiots. Furthermore, when a reader dutifully informs you that she has done your work for your and discovered that one of your regular columnists is ALL THREE, you fire her. You don't lie about it and then, when the criticisms become too harsh, you enact some unstated form of "discipline" and then let the shit-head get right back to it a short time later.Take the beam out of thine own eye.

The Globe & Mail stupidly advises Chief Spence to go talk to one of harper's powerless lap-dogs, in this case, Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan. And I'm saying they do this stupidly because I'll assume they're being honest and not disgustingly cynical when dispensing this advice. I'm being charitable. Surely the Globe & Mail editors aren't so vile that they would tell a woman who has vowed to fast unto death unless there is a substantive meeting with the only man who has the power to make a decision, to instead seek a meeting with powerless stooge who can do nothing about the sufferings of her people? They wouldn't be so callous and disgusting would they? No, no. In this instance, I will say that their advice is merely self-evidently stupid. So stupid that we again wonder where these cretins get the idea that their opinions should be taken seriously by anyone about anything.

I was infuriated by the comments to that shit-headed editorial. Tons and tons of racist, ignorant dreck, written by the same ugly-minded stupid pukes who turn out in droves to vote for harperscum and who enable this decades-long process of racism and colonialism. It was to both them and the Globe & Mail that this post was to be directed. But there's work in the real world to be done. Perhaps those criticisms will be the subject of my New Year's Day post. 2013 in a racist sewer of ignoramuses.


Beijing York said...

Great rant, thwap.

Good pick up on what seems to be a trial balloon for a new political meme: "that's so turn of the last century" :-(

The racists who always come out of the woodwork with any story having to do with aboriginal people sicken me but don't surprise me. But the media being so politely openly racist, pretending to have pondered the situation oh so very carefully, that is definitely puke worthy.

thwap said...

Thanks Beijing York.

"I'm so century twenty-first, you're so century twentieth-worst!"

Whoa! So cool! Those glib n' stale editors are sew fukkin' hip to the 21st century jive! Dawg!


Politely, openly racist is still racist. Still have sewers for brains.Still loathsome.

Gloria said...

Oh no!!! Did you miss? Chairman Mao Harper the Hun, declared himself a devout Christian, right on TV? Harper said, he "prey's" every day. That is absolutely the truth. Harper "prey's" on Canada and Canadians, indeed every day.

The Globe Mop and Pail, have been known to Canadians as, Harper's propaganda machine, forever. We decided quite some back, the Globe's Mop and Pail journalist, are a disgrace to their professions. Did you miss that? We read them as a, Porky Pig comic strip. As the chuckle of the day, if you will.

The Globes Mop and Pail, fully support Harper, selling Canada out to Red China. They support Red China being given resources and the resource jobs. They also support Chairman Harper, giving Red China the right to sue any Canadians, blocking China's takeover. Why did the Mop and Pail not cover the story of, Red China suing in BC, to take the mining jobs?

Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were. F.N. people have no Canadian Rights. Harper's Human Rights attitude, is exactly like Communist China's are.

I am so afraid? Chief Spence will have vital organs damaged, by her starvation. She is a wonderful courageous, strong lady, ready to die for her people.

In BC, the F.N. help us, we try and help them. They are doing wonders for their people, band by band. Provinces need to support their F.N. people. We did enough dirt to the F.N. people. We need to help the F.N. to help themselves. Help them fight to have better school programs. Their education is so crappy, their kids can't even go onto a higher education. Those people, want a much better life for their kids, than they had. They do not deserve that hate.

thwap said...


Some FN leaders apparently are corrupt. That's been a complaint from many FN activists for decades now.

But that's also true of us non-FN people and our politicians. Some are corrupt, some aren't.

But this whole shtick about how the FN are all laughing all the way to the bank is such stupid drivel. The idea that they are living the life of Reilly while at the same time they're also homeless, committing suicide, ... such insane contradictions can only be employed by the mind of a racist.

Troy Thomas said...

I remember rejecting Harper's apology. I knew I couldn't accept it, but couldn't say in a simple statement the reason. Now I can.
Harper apologized for the residential schools as a mistake, not as a crime.
However, the residential school system, as well as the government policy that created it, assimilation, are grievous crimes against humanity. However, there's not a single person behind bars today because of it.

thwap said...


In all seriousness, there's no statute of limitations on genocide, but the program ended in the early-seventies. By this point, most everyone involved in a position of responsibility then would be dead wouldn't they?