Friday, December 21, 2012


harper doesn't believe in anything. harper doesn't understand what democracy is. harper is not a capitalist. harper doesn't care about Jewish people or anti-Semitism except in so far as exploiting Israel might lead to votes. harper isn't a Christian (except through inertia). harper doesn't care about human rights. harper doesn't understand science. harper doesn't appreciate the environment. harper doesn't have any friends. harper hates the First Nations. harper hates anyone who stands in his way even though he doesn't have the first idea about why he wants the things he wants.

You will notice, if you read their blogs or talk to them, that most all of the people who like him are ignorant fools.


bcwaterboy said...

Two things in particular anger and disgust me around the issue of harper: that enough people in this country think he's a good "leader" and give him what he wants, which is power; secondly, that the media portrays him as something of greatness and practically lick his boots, no criticism whatsoever. Just about threw up the other night when Dawna Friesen "interviewed" him in the foyer of the House, harper barely said a word, not one bit of inspiration one would expect from a leader, and she challenged him on nothing. Instead, she thought it would be nice to talk about how his faith guided his decision. What about the F35, what about the omnibus bills, what about the failure to address climate change, and on and on.

Owen Gray said...

Short. Concise. And to the point, thwap.

Gloria said...

You have no idea, just how very right you are.

Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were Dictators. They lied, deceived, thieved, were corrupt, used dirty tactics, dirty politics, paranoid, were obsessed with control and all of them cheated to win. Sound familiar? It should? Harper's cruelty to the F.N. people is the behavior of an absolute sociopath Dictator. No damned different than those other Dictators were.

Harper makes damned sure, his books aren't open. Chief Spence offered her open books. Harper has thieved and wasted so much of our tax dollars, on some very stupid ventures. He has to hide behind closed doors, to do his dastardly deeds. I find Harper's attitude towards Chief Spence and her people. Absolutely offensive.

We have done enough dirt to the F.N. people. We support our F.N people in this province. They are doing wonders for their people, band, by band. They have had a hell of a lot to overcome. But, they are doing it.

The F.N. have done a lot for us, in this province. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude, we find impossible to pay them back for.

Provinces need to support their F.N. citizens. We would go and sit beside Chief Spence, to show our support. The F.N. deserve our help, not our hate.