Thursday, December 13, 2012

Unions Should Defy Bullshit Law From Illegitimate Regime

Big deal. The election fraud party passed a hypocritical bill forcing unions to disclose everything about their spending, supposedly because union dues are tax exempt.

It's harassment, pure and simple. It's also the work of a lawless bunch of thugs and thieves.

To hell with 'em.

The labour movement should just tell the harpercons to go fuck themselves.

NOBODY is under any obligation to respect the works of this illegitimate regime.


thebanana said...

Agreed. Their line should be "see ya in court, assholes." That should drag out the process for about 10 years.

thwap said...

By then, it'll be the harpercons in prison!

bcwaterboy said...

harper sees unions as a place to dump public anger, by turning private sector workers stripped of wages, benefits, pensions and jobs against public sector, it diverts attention away from him.

thwap said...

The word for harpercon voters who aren't rich: