Sunday, December 23, 2012

If harper Kills Chief Spence

Is it possible? Is harper so debased that he'd actually let Chief Spence die rather than agree to a meeting between First Nations leaders, himself and the Crown? Personally, I don't think so (although the overall lack of media attention to this gripping story might try to make it possible for harper to get away with that). I think, while he's tweeting inanities and filling his mind with empty thoughts about Christmas, harper will let Spence starve until she requires hospitalization, perhaps suffers permanent organ damage, and then he'll agree to a meeting where nothing will be discussed and nothing will be decided.

But if harper is so careless and/or psychotic as to let Chief Spence die, he will be almost universally reviled across Canada. Only the racist and ignorant and stupid "small dead animals" crowd will continue to like him. Evidently, thanks to the deliberate failure of the corporate media to describe him the way he should be (a failure similar to their treatment of Dalton McGuinty), the harperscum party of Canada is now leading in the polls. That would change if he lets Chief Spence die. he will be toxic for all time. Settler Canada will suffer a profound shock at the level of depravity that it allowed itself to descend to as a result of a debased political culture, political fraud and anti-democratic apathy.

In the end though, I don't think this will happen. And, besides, harper is going to be defeated soon. his name will be vilified and his place in Canadian history will be as a small shit-stain on the historical record.


The Analyst said...

It's really surprising just how long the hunger strike has gone on without Harper conducting a token meeting. There's still a lot of less than enlightened people in our country, unfortunately.

thwap said...


Oh yeah. There's shit-loads of stupid people. Most racism is the product of stupidity and ignorance.

But I think the vast majority of people aren't that way. harper will pay to the end of his days for this one crime alone.

leftdog said...

I am sorry to say that our Federal Conservative government has already let a hunger striker die.

lungta said...

harper has his out by his minion in charge offering a meeting
i expect he is waiting to have her almost critical, then a token visit and a promise of a meeting on her recovery
at that point something will intervene
official harper crocodile tears will be shed
the omnibus bill will stand
and more harperization of the country that used to be canada will continue

thwap said...


I didn't hear about that until I saw your link. There are a couple of differences between that tragedy and Spence's case that would make Spence's dying a greater crime.

She is not asking for a change in the law or the reversal of a criminal conviction against her.

All she's asking for is a meeting.

Also, that gentleman was 69 and in poor health when he began his hunger-strike so the authorities might not have had time to come up with an offer to meet any of his demands. Spence appears to have been in good health when she started this strike. If something bad happens to her it will be because harper wants it so.

thwap said...


That's exactly what I see happening as well. harper is great on the token meetings and words. He'll let her suffer and then provide an empty, pointless meeting.