Thursday, December 20, 2012

Does stephen harper want Chief Theresa Spence to die???

She is on DAY TEN of a hunger-strike to try to get that racist piece-of-shit to agree to a substantive meeting between Native leaders the Crown's representative and himself.

Does the asshole want to see her suffer permanent organ damage? To die???

I wouldn't be surprised if the turd has some delusions of grandeur, thinking that he's the goddamned prime minister and he won't have his hand forced by some publicity-seeking hunger-striker. This wouldn't surprise me because harper is an idiot who has no genuine idea about what his policies of racist imperialism really mean. The fool has no concept of the importance of treaty obligations. It's all part of his reptilian cunning in the service of a corporate ideology of greed and selfishness that appeals to him on some sort of dull, visceral level.

The turd should be informed that he is personally responsible for what happens to Chief Spence. She is protesting the evisceration of her rights as a people. She is protesting an ongoing campaign of racism and abuse that makes the Liberal Party's record look decent.

harper can grow a brain or he can reap the whirlwind.


karen said...

This actually worries me a lot. I don't think he and his minions give a rat's ass about the First Nations, and I bet they would be perfectly happy to let them all die. I know there are other Chiefs who are also on hunger strikes in support, and there are Chiefs who have said if Spence dies, someone will take her place.

I don't want Theresa Spence to die. I understand her willingness to die for her people, I really do, but I think we need her a whole lot more than we need old beelzebub.

thwap said...


Yes. He would like them all to die. They're an inconvenience to him. They aren't human in his eyes. But then again, neither are we.

We're all just obstacles to the greater glory of stephen harper. (See post above.)

Troy Thomas said...

Honestly, I am closely watching the actions of the Canadian government. I am in support of Chief Spence, and am proud for her and proud because of her. I admire her courage, fully.
However, I am not at peace, within.
Harper is a man who doesn't care whether she lives or dies. When she dies, he'll hide away, waiting for the news, and wait out the controversy. What is the death of another red skin to him!? His ideals clash completely with Spence's, so he'll never acquiesce to any of her demands. She'll die at his hand.
There is little peace left within my heart. I fear for myself, for my family, my people, for Canada, and for the future. Whatever hope I have within is dying. Soon, all that will be left is anger, and it'll consume me.
Honestly, I laugh at myself, sardonically. I used to believe in peaceful protest, in Tolstoy's non-violence. However, years of depression and anger have worn away my beliefs. I have now come to admire Robespierre and Lenin.

thwap said...

It isn't that peaceful protest doesn't work. It's just that in North America we think a peaceful protest that doesn't inconvenience the powerful will produce results.

We also have made a fetish of peace. It seems the second somebody lashes out in frustration against extreme injustice, we, the comfortable, see fit to judge them.

I don't think harper would ever be able to get over causing Chief Spence's death. It's already too late for his government.