Friday, December 7, 2012

The Storm is Brewing ...

It's taken far too long. But more and more, you'll notice that the harpercon trolls are starting to mutter rather than bray like jackasses. More and more, people are saying: "How long are we supposed to endure this?" More and more, Canadians (the sane, intelligent ones) are getting fed up with the ridiculous nonsense of the harper regime.

As a people, we will NOT tolerate the blatant theft of the electoral process. Canadians are an apathetic lot. And when they're not apathetic, they're patient. Canadians have been waiting for some sort of official response to the disputed May 2011 election. They have been withholding judgment waiting for Elections Canada to report back to the people as to what really happened. But more and more of them are starting to realize that Elections Canada isn't going to do its job. Elections Canada is a sad, sick farce. Elections in Canada can no longer be guaranteed to be free and fair.

stephen harper and his gang of idiots are counting on the deference to authority that is inculcated in us through the education system and other forms of propaganda to allow them their theft and their subsequent abuse of their majority government powers. Some, psychotic and stupid, like John Baird, have this thrilling sense that they're being repulsively evil, but they have no sensitivity or greatness in their souls so they can't grasp how truly disgusting they are. They brazen their way through the opposition only dimly aware of how thoroughly they are despised and hated.

But there is going to be a reckoning. I thought it would start last summer. I underestimated how difficult it is to get a hearing and I underestimated how few other groups there were that perceived the gravity of the crisis. But I'm starting to hear it now. On the streets. In restaurants. On buses. More people are prepared to be heard listening to me and responding positively to my remarks about the illegitimacy of the present state of affairs. The comments sections at mainstream newssites about the election fraud of the harpercons always elicit a tsunami of condemnation and even vituperation against the harpercons and the merest sad trickle of harpercon trolls and hacks, prepared to defend election fraud and 500 page omnibus bills and multi-billion dollar lies about fighter jets and prisons.

And, while our fights are not necessarily their fights (indeed, our apathy and ignorance and the widespread racism of Canadian society have all conspired to make their lives more difficult) the First Nations may once again be vital allies in the defence of Canada. Some of them fought (for their own reasons) under Tecumseh, against the US Americans, and helped to keep this country British and, therefore, eventually Canadian. Now, it appears that forced into a corner by the racist harpercons (advised by the senile, racist Tom Flanagan), they are vowing direct action against this unelected regime.

The First Nations have generally kept their treaty obligations to us, despite of all our provocations. One reason, a small but important reason, is that they have been so relatively weak, for so long. They were quickly overwhelmed by the flood of numbers of Europeans who poured into their lands, and they succumbed to the diseases that we brought. They were not allowed to develop their own lands for their own benefit and their material poverty made them dependent upon the "benevolence" of succeeding settler society governments. But the outrageous behaviour of the racist stephen harper is forcing their hand.

I believe that we must be their allies in their war against this illegitimate government. And this time, when the smoke has cleared and the enemy is lying defeated on the ground, that is to say, when the anti-democratic harpercon cabal has been ousted from power and are preparing their defenses against the several criminal charges they will all be facing, let us turn to the allies who helped in the victory, the First Nations, and tell them and show them that from that day forward, the treaty rights which for centuries they have been waiting, will be respected.

Finally, indulge me in this. There is a hall of portraits of Canadian prime ministers. Jack Layton would have become the Prime Minister of a coalition government if harper hadn't stolen his majority. Let's put Jack Layton's portrait up there. And let's replace whatever portrait of harper there is there with a smaller one, and we'll hang it between Paul Martin and Jack Layton, only it will be beneath theirs and turned towards the wall.


meadowlark said...

The vast majority of Canadians firmly believe, Harper used the robo-call scam, to fraudulently win the election. That, Harper has no right to be, the P.M. of this country. Canadians say. Harper is a Traitor to Canada. Selling our country to Communist China, is High Treason.

If there is still, an old outhouse behind the Parliament building, from many years gone by? That's where Harper's photo rightfully belongs.

Any province fed up with, Harper's asinine omnibus bill? Fed up funneling their tax dollars to Harper, to thieve and waste? Any province who, does not want to be sold out to Communist China?? Any that are fed up with, Harper giving the resources and resource jobs to Red China? Had better get the hell out of Harper's Canada. Leave Harper, Ottawa and Alberta to themselves. The other provinces, can unite into their own country. This country, isn't Canada anymore anyway.

Harper's g.d. gall. Giving Communist China, the right to sue, any Canadians that block China's takeover, of our country.

Owen Gray said...

I read this morning, thwap, that only 29% of Albertans are in favour of the Nexxan deal.

It's an ill wind that blows Harper's way.

Saskboy said...

It's almost like he's rapidly losing the moral authority to govern. Fancy that, after all that dissent cancellation too.

Kev said...

Yes thwap people are beginning to tire of the persistent drumbeat of controversy, they may not care or understand the intricacies of policy but they do understand the tone of this government and it is turning them off.

On a side note I am a twitter junkie it is where I live and many of us have noticed the silence from the trolls lately and when they do poke their heads up out of their hidey holes you can sense that their hearts are not in it at the moment.

I think this goes beyond Harper though and in fact infects the entire conservative movement. I see it in the reaction to Ford's potential ouster. I hear Ford supporters now say he brought this on himself.

The neo-liberals have had a good run of it but like all movements it will eventually die and be replaced with something new. We may be witnessing the onset of this process.

thwap said...


thanx for the info from the twittersphere.

I can't bring myself to have one more online distraction.


I think that's the Sixth Estate's header on his blog. harper (while in opposition) yammering about how a government requiring secrecy losing its right to govern.


Thanks for the news about Albertans and Nexxen. It's getting to be like the F-35 boondoggle. harper just can't seem to stop from fucking up everything he touches.


I think there's a broad demographic ready to help toss harper out on his ass.