Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There are a LOT of First Nations People in Canadian Prisons

It's a consequence of our racist justice system. All I'm saying is that in the months before the general amnesty for First Nations prisoners, that it'll be fun to think of how they'll respond to their new fellow prisoners from the Conservative Party of Canada.


Gloria said...

You must be kidding us. Harper was on TV claiming to be, a devout Christian? He said. He "prey's" every day and he does. He "prey's" on Canada and Canadians every day.

Harper "prey's" while he gives Canada to Communist China, while giving resources and resource jobs to China. "Prey's" as he is giving Red China the right to sue, any Canadians blocking China's take over. That's in, Traitor Harper's omnibus bill.

Harper "prey's", as he is treating the F.N. People, worse than dirt under his feet.

Many immigrant family's would have died on the Canadian prairies, if not for the F.N. People, hunting for them. Cutting firewood for them. Made them fur lined moccasins, to replace gunny sacks wrapped around their feet. Made them fur jackets. Fur robes and blankets. Gave them dried fish and berries. Immigrant family's came over with just their lives. Many had no idea, how cold winters are, on the Canadian prairies.

The F.N. sent their sons to war, right along side, my own brothers. The Canadians government then as now, didn't even have the decency, to recognize the F.N. who fought for this country too.

Harper is an, evil snake in the grass, a traitor to Canada. Why is he not in prison where he belongs?

Anonymous said...

Fuck First Nations they want too much and always think there are better then the white man they should be equal pay taxes etc fuck them man we pay to much for these fuckers I say the Canadian government should stop giving I. And let these racist bastards pay they own way in life NOT us paying for them there lazy assholes stop giving them our land and no more big payments to them and throw them in jail if they block a road a white man can't do that without being thrown in jail there the scu. We don't need in this lifetime sucking us dry milomg the systems

thwap said...

Hi Fuckface.

I debated about posting your brainless, racist, hate-spewed, idiotic comment.

I thought I'd have a bit of fun with you though.

When was the last time you felt like blocking a highway but decided you wouldn't be able to get away with it?

Anonymous said...

Let's bring this all into the present shall we? The past is way in the past now. We all need to work together to keep our society functioning. We should all be treated equal, black, white, yellow, brown, gay, straight. Why a race of people gets special treatment because of their bloodline is unfair. There are thousands of immigrants who have came, and continue to come to this country. Many have come with nothing and work their asses off to make it. Yet thousands of F.N with special tax exempts and free post-secondary education can't get anywhere in life?? I'd give anything to have had my degree that I earned myself for free because of a distant bloodline. As far as blocking a highway? No one is above the law. If someone blocks a highway, they should be arrested. End of story.

thwap said...


I don't know whether you're the same person who wrote the other screed.

The residential schools closed in the 1980s. The damage they did to the First Nations in this country is incalculable.

The trauma of that period was followed by the "Sixties Scoop" when (well meaning or not) social workers scooped up the children of First Nations (many of them victims of the residential schools system) and spirited them away, often to families overseas.

Treaties that were signed and which were to be respected forever were broken and never fulfilled.

Non-First Nations people get more subsidies per capita than do First Nations people.

Your whole position is ahistorical and rooted in ignorance.