Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Obama Infatuation Syndrome

Yeah, so he signed the NDAA (promising never to use it himself even though he's already done so). So he bails out Wall Street criminals with taxpayers' money while slashing aid to ordinary US Americans. So he kills US citizens and their teenaged children in "targeted assassinations.." So he okays drone strikes on innocent people and then at the funeral-goers of the people he's killed. So he approves of the torture of Bradley Manning.

So he's taken his "political capital" from his winning a second term and used it to make bush II's tax-cuts for the rich permanent while slashing Social Security!

So what about all that stuff say "progressives" who can't fathom thinking beyond the intellectually bankrupt two-party swindle system in the USA. You still have to like him because, ... well, because the fact that he's black is a huge victory for race-relations in that troubled land. And, um, he's handsome and has a pleasant voice. And he's learned to cry once in a while.

Blogsters, know this: When any of you express the slightest bit of praise for that monster, it detracts from whatever respect I have for you.

Give your heads a goddamned shake. 


Troy Thomas said...

Well, Obama supporters got what they wanted, which is more drone attacks on countries and people (and children) they're not at war with, more bailouts for the rich, and now (or very soon), medicare and social security cuts (I suppose cutting medicare might have the effect of forcing more people into Obamacare, which is a labyrinth of bureaucracy).
Ugh. Seriously. The USA is effed up. Canada's next, too, since Harper's having his way with no genuine opposition.

thwap said...

We are going to have to be that opposition.