Sunday, July 28, 2013

Capitalist Scum-bags

 The tragedy at Lac Megantic was the result of ruthless cost-cutting. Cut costs - increase profits. Increase profits to "invest" in financial flim-flam and conspicuous consumption.

These guys just want to cut everything to the bone and then they rely on government bail-outs whenever anything goes wrong. And, of course, to ensure that things go wrong, get some scum-bag politicians like Dick Cheney or stephen harper (ego-inflated, anti-democratic errand boys) to "de-regulate" everything to save you as many pennies as they can. And so offshore oil-rigs and freight-trains full of toxic, flammable substances explode in flames and devastate and kill.

And the thing is, these imbeciles, like the Koch brothers, are fanatically invested with the idea that they're besieged on all sides by "totalitarians." Any regulation, any sign of worker power, any sign of democracy is a mortal threat to their very existence. Their freedom to exploit, to pollute, to devastate and control is the only worthwhile freedom. And they peddle their asinine political-economy to anyone who will listen or anyone they can bribe.

They are deluded, dangerous fools. They are our enemies.


bcwaterboy said...

This entire neo-liberal gang is certainly society's greatest blight thwap, but the sad truth is we continue to vote them into power.

thwap said...


Why is it that there are so many of us, but we're unable to articulate a vision that we as leftists can get behind, and somehow focus our resources on getting other people to hear about it?

It's certainly not impossible in a material, practical sense.

You know, we complain about the media, but why don't we fund our own media? What are the complaints about the Real News Network?

Why can't we decide what we want and then come up with an at least halfway viable strategy to achieve it?