Monday, July 15, 2013

I Know! Let's Have a Rally!

The pseudo-elected scuzzballs who rule over our desert island society are trying to torture one of us to death ...

"Who? Me?"

No. I read about it in yesterday's post. It's not you. It's some other guy.

"Oh. Okay. Well, see ya!"

Huh. Well, who needs you anyway? The rest of you; Do you think this is okay?


Are we going to let this happen??


Come on! Let's go to the meeting place and demonstrate our solidarity with that guy!


But we're going to keep it peaceful!

"Of course!"

But then, sadly, when some of the government's guardians started to break up the peaceful protest, one of the protesters got the STUPID idea of throwing a rock at the thugs. The thugs went apeshit, beat many of the protesters up and locked everyone up for 48 hours, with their hands behind their backs in plastic handcuffs. Some of the protesters suffered grievous nerve damage from being confined for so long.

But they made their point!

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