Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Should Have Told Him To Shut Up

Some people say that my "thwap" persona is too abrasive. You know: "Internet + anonymity = SHIT-COCK!!!!"

It's also the case that when you work with people, you have to expect different points of view and different reactions to your ideas other than awestruck applause.

But when I think about how this pompous old blowhard took my presentation of my ideas about how to redeem Canadian democracy to yammer on about his own ideas (we make politics fun for the young people by firing toy cannons somewhere and we elect a slate of MPs from out of non-entities by saying they'll only vote "Yes" to electoral reform), I really think I should have told him to shut-up.

Simply because he was being rude; his ideas were infantile and, in the end, by being polite, I lost control of the gathering.


Owen Gray said...

Empty barrels still make the most noise, thwap.

thwap said...

I did not know that.