Sunday, July 7, 2013

Remember the Cataclysmic Economic Failure of 2008?

It seems like only yesterday to me that the Wall Street fraud campaign almost brought down the entire world economy. Were it not for the trillions and trillions of dollars from US taxpayers that was taken to bail-out the banksters, the world economy would have melted down.

Now where are we? The banks are as predatory as ever. The political-capitalist class is doubling down on the immiseration of the majority policies that have hollowed out the world economy to the point where financial sector alchemy and parasitism is the biggest game in town. The perpetrators of the crisis are still the ones calling the shots.

To this day, know-nothing fuckwits on media comments sections blather on about how the lefties would ruin the economy. (I recall recently reading two repugnican imbeciles pronouncing Senator Elizabeth Warren as an "economic illiterate"!)

How is it possible that we, with all the numbers of people sympathetic to our worldview (witness the mass flight of so many average voters to the NDP in 2011)* are completely incapable of FORCING a change in the discussion. You know, with a subscribers' revolt, or some sort of action that gets in people's faces and covers the propagators of this pro-corporate drivel in the scorn they deserve?

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