Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"He's probably a closet-case."

Used to be, us progressive white males were REALLY sexist, homophobic, racist pricks. (Some would argue that we still are, but that's a topic for another day.) Back in the day, everyone I knew was a homophobe. Even my [turned out to be] gay friend in high school would use the word "fag" as an insult. [Probably just to get along and fit in.] The thing is, we'd think nothing of mocking someone for being a "fag" or a "homo" or whatever.

My attitude started to really change in my early-twenties, after I read an anthology of cartoonists opposed to Margaret Thatcher's anti-gay "clause 28." Many of the cartoonists (or the people behind the stories) were gay and their descriptions of how they suffered for being who they were, really affected me.

I think it was around the same time that I thought Brian Mulroney sounded like a complete ass for condemning outright the idea of the NDP in government with: "Can you see it? Svend Robinson as Minister of Defence?? Do you want that?" At the time, I liked Svend Robinson, and was at the point where his being gay was irrelevant.

But people on the left or on the right would join in to condemn an enemy politician who happened to be a bachelor with certain characteristics a closet-case. "He's probably a fag." Nowadays though, it seems that the new meme for progressive guys is to refer to these sorts of people as "closet-cases" as in: "I can't say he's a fag, because that's politically-incorrect. I'll call him a 'closet-case' because that's almost as good. It still means that he's a fag."

I try to make pretty sure that I'm avoiding that sort of behaviour when I use the term "closet-case." Because I'm past all that bullshit pretty much. But I do use the term where I think it's warranted. I think ordinary closet-cases are tragic. But I think closet-case politicians who pander to homophobes (or who join homophobic political parties), or who promote "homosexuality-cures" or preach homophobic religious delusions are contemptible and dangerous.


"The Gay Agenda"

Supposedly, LGBT people spend much of their time, NOT just trying to be left alone and avoiding being killed for who they are, but, in fact, actively seeking to "convert" straight people (including children) into the "gay lifestyle."

That's what some ridiculous people think anyway.

They obviously don't have any faith in the "heterosexual agenda." They must believe that their own "lifestyles" are inferior to all that LGBT stuff they hear about. If they didn't, then why don't they just go out and "convert" LGBT people?



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