Monday, July 29, 2013

How Do We Control Our Police?

The needless, cowardly shooting of a young man with a 3-inch knife (he was alone in a stopped streetcar and all the police were outside on the street) by the Toronto Police Service has prompted some to call for bringing our police under control.

The Robert Dziekanski murder.

The abuse of Stacey Bonds.

The Toronto G20.

There are so many other abuses, too many to mention. Often, these actions are performed in the presence of their own surveillance cameras, either in their stations or their squad cars. The perpetrators and their fellow officers are all acting as if their brutality constitutes another day at the office.

So, I ask; How do we bring them back under control? How do we as progressives (who are often the targets of these cowardly brutes at our protests) work to effectively rein-in out-of-control cops? What pressure do we exert? Who do we target with our campaigns? How do we get the public onside?

Once again, as with all things on the leftist wish-list, i ask: How do we obtain the things we're asking for?

(I already know that I won't get an answer here. If thousands of people read my blog I still wouldn't get any definitive answers. We're not very good that way.)


Anonymous said...

What works in a Democracy, does not work in a Dictatorship. Canada's Parliament is supposed to be as, the Westminster Parliament in the U.K. However, the U.K. is still pretty much a Democracy.

Politicians in the U.K. are not permitted to lie to and cheat the people. They go to prison when, they are caught doing so. Even two Lords from the House of Lords were caught in corruption.

In a Dictatorship everything is controlled. Consider Harper's robo-call fraud. Mayrand said, Harper stonewalled and blocked the investigation. The other parties and politicians co-operated. Harper did not.

Most Canadians know better, than to trust our Police Forces. Many of the Police are, out and out barbarians.

thwap said...

If harper gets to act like a dictator, there's more than a compliant political class to blame.

It's all of us.

When stuff happens completely unacceptable to a democratic society, the response should be more than grousing about it.

But that's all we're evidently capable of.

Beijing York said...

To add insult to injury on this day of the unjust slaughter of that teen boy in Toronto, somehow one of Robert Dziekanski's RCMP killers was just exonerated and will be back on the streets post haste.

Owen Gray said...

The abuses keep piling up, thwap. And Stephen Harper is still prime minister.

As long as he stays, things won't change.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because these "things" would never happen with the Libbs or Dipshits in power, right?

thwap said...

Beijing York,

That ridiculous ruling will be the subject of an upcoming post.

Owen Gray,

Then things aren't going to change. Look at what damage Mike Harris did in Ontario. Now, the even more witless Tim Hudak is a contender for being the next premier.

thwap said...


That wasn't the point of my original post.

But since you asked; it was the Liberal, Dalton McGuinty who empowered the TPS in the dead of night with the Public Works Protection Act.

And even lefty mayor Dennis Miller congratulated the police after the G20 police riots.

Either Repug or Democrat in the White House or controlling Congress doesn't matter; police powers increase and civil rights go down.

Of course, barrel-sucking cop-worshipers tend to come from the right-wing side of things.

And, if you're the deluded coward "Anonymous" who used to haunt my comments section, I'll add it's a bit rich for you to come in with that snark after all your bullshit about making lefty blood run in the streets.

(That's only if you're that same "Anonymous.")