Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pro-Choice in Texas

A fundamental woman's right is under threat from Texas lawmakers. Consider this:

Texas voting districts are heavily gerrymandered to ensure Republican victories.

The Texas Speaker of the House ruled that Wendy Davis talking about ultrasounds and Planned Parenthood were off-topic in her filibuster against the Republican-sponsored anti-choice bill.

They tried to backdate their vote on the bill to have it appear as if they started voting before the midnight deadline of the special session had arrived.

They plan to do it all again and force the Texas Democrats to filibuster again, probably under more restrictive conditions.

So, women in Texas have a choice: Leave or stay and fight.

Women in the wider United States have a different choice: Leave, vote Democrat at their state and federal elections, or fight.

At the federal level voting Democrat means voting for an imperialist, mass-murdering, anti-worker, Wall Street stooge. I've no doubt that Barack Obama is anti-abortion but pro-choice for the votes. Pro-choice American women will vote for him because of this and thereby enable all of his spying, torturing, civil-rights shredding, environment betraying, drone-murders. And, even then, the battles remain to be fought a the state level.

Even in corrupt, oil-money soaked, corporate-sponsored fundamentalist Christian nonsense and insanity-driven, Texas.

Do you acquiesce to the loss of a fundamental human right in a corrupt, against-the-rules contest? If, as in the case of Texas, your rights are being taken away in such a fashion, do you play by the rules and lose, or do you discard the rule-book? In the case of the federal government, do you enable a monster to try to resist the monsters who are targeting you?

I ask these questions because we're all faced with this stark choice: Is it really all we can do to either acquiesce to stolen governments and "resist" by voting for some other dipshit in the hope that the dipshit will be our champion?

When the rulers toss out the rule-book, ... why do we insist on playing by the rules? Especially when it's our human rights and the fate of the planet in the balance?

ETA: A great article for all the Christian-Patriarchal-Oil-Sucking-Assholes in Texas

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