Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Win a Date With thwap!

Sigh. I'm desperate. Any Toronto-area readers who are interested in actually doing something about harper in the 3-d world, ... send me an email to smartzeethwap[at] We'll meet up and talk shit out.

I don't want this initiative to come from "thwap" so that's why I'm not posting about it here.


Anonymous said...

Desperate little guy, aren't you.

You really think anyone will bother with the likes of you? LOL

And I thought Montreal Simon was deluded.

thwap said...

Hey sport! Send me an email. We'll hook up!

thwap said...

Hey buddy! I'd like to get to know you better!

I'll set you up with a place to stay if you're not from Toronto!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say there "sport", but sorry flea infested flop houses aren't really my thing.

Do you allow anonymous posters again because no one else bothered to post on your little blog?

Still waiting for that leftwing revolution there Thwap. But then again you admit yourself your movement is pretty much, well, to use your own words "useless".

thwap said...

You're still the same gutless psycho-loser as ever I see.

Well anonymous coward, you had your chance. All your tough talk was empty gas.

It'll be back to the "delete" bin for you.

Anonymous said...

Morning Twap; I'll be sending you an e-mail when I get a chance to compose it. P.S. I saw the full moon setting, this was beautiful. And now, maybe the creeps will slither back under the rocks from whence they came-- here's to hoping! Take care, and we'll "talk shit out" someday, ok?

thwap said...

Thanks Linda. I'll look forward to that email.