Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hey! We're Going to Have a Vote on Torturing You and Killing You!

Imagine that for a second. There's a bunch of dickwads who are in control of your desert island society. Through a lot of electoral jiggery-pokery, the most ruthless and power-mad folks have seized control of the government, but there are some other people involved in the decision-making process. They're comprised of a lot of slightly less obnoxious ruthless types and a few milquetoasts who you don't really mind but don't care about too much either.

Remember, taking charge in this process is NOT democratic and fair.

Anyways, out of the blue, the ruthless, power-mad guys have announced they're putting the idea of brutally torturing you to death to a vote (which they will win). There's some procedural tricks that the not as scuzzy leaders can employ to stop the vote from taking place, but the ruthless power-mad guys can be depended upon to trample over procedures and rules and get their vote. It's a foregone conclusion.

Would you meekly acquiesce to this entire process? Would you decide to play by the rules even if your enemies don't and show everyone who the better person is? Would you strive to not get angry in order to avoid alienating those who might think your torture and death is nothing to get excessive about?

This little thought experiment goes out to the women of Texas, AND us weak-minded, cowardly Canadian progressives who continue to tolerate harper's contempt of Parliament, his election stealing and his massive, anti-democratic omnibus legislation. We are fools to tolerate this and we are fools to play by the rules when the people promising to destroy our lives do not follow the rules.


opit said...

It's enough to make one stop talking about how government has been perverted and look how it was formed in the first place.

thwap said...


That's some crazy-assed shit you're wasting your time with:

World War II and the Great Depression were not fabrications. Switzerland stayed neutral because they didn't want to be invaded and conquered.

Sweden stayed neutral to. So did Spain. Portugal. Is there some sort of conspiracy theory to establish General Franco as the godfather of Europe?

opit said...

You can say WW II was sparked by treading on Japan's essential needs ( consider the history of economic sanctions by the USA )

Today's financial woes are caused by a number of factors. One interesting phenomenon is an interest rate so low it makes no sense to provide risk if such is available. I doubt if the great crash was a response to any greater provocation than that provided by packages of fraudulent mortgages guaranteed by the US.

The only conspiracy theory Franco provides me is as a training ground for George Orwell ( Homage to Catalonia ). He was able to see the 'betrayal of the people' by the 'left' and 'right' at first hand.

opit said...

Let's move to some other 'crazy assed shit.' If you want conspiracy theory I think that's getting closer to the basics.

thwap said...


Your first link said that the Pope rules the world and lower down the hierarchy the British monarchy continues to rule the USA and that everything is a sham to cloak the despotic rule of whatever the fuck the Pope is supposedly in charge of.

That's garbage.

I'm not going to argue with Orwell that people were betrayed by the fascists and the Stalinists in Spain.

I'm not going to argue that the USA was preventing Japan from building an empire.

But to say that everything is just smoke and mirrors controlled by the fucking Pope in Rome, ... I simply don't have time for such nonsense.

We are being abused, but it's not by anything that I'm not already perfectly capable of grasping.