Saturday, January 25, 2014

Abandoning Chelsea Manning

So Chelsea Manning heroically brought evidence of massive US war crimes to the attention of the world. Then Chelsea was betrayed by some rat-fink, twisted piece of shit and ended up in a military prison where she was tortured for years before finally coming to trial and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

American progressives show their cluelessness by asking President Obama to pardon her.  Obama is a Constitution-shredding, imperialist war-monger, shill for Wall Street criminals scum-bag. Obama would probably have preferred that Manning had been executed. You don't ask for justice from a creep like Obama; you DEMAND it.

But progressives are infamous for our mealy-mouthed "demands" that we have no means (or at least intentions) of enforcing.

I'd like to think that if I was a US-American, I'd be part of a massive campaign of genuine civil-disobedience to compel Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning and obtain her release. Of course, I tried to do something similar to force the harpercon scum government to resign, but was overwhelmed by the tidal-wave of delusion, cowardice and apathy that is the Canadian body-politic, including progressives.

Chelsea Manning will probably die in prison. If not bodily, then mentally and in spirit.


Anonymous said...

Going to prison in 'murka is, a hell of lot of the time, tantamount to a death sentence anyway. Guards have beaten inmates to death for decades and there is no accountability never mind the population's energetic extermination of each other. Somebody will do "their patriotic duty" and snuff her and, in his own little dark corner of 'murkan "patriotic" nazionalism be hailed a new folk hero. All part of the p.n.a.c philosophy. (look it up) Thou shalt not blow the whistle on the real bad guys lest thou suffer the wrath of the n.w.o. Amen

thwap said...

Too many people are brainwashed and those who aren't seem content to express "solidarity" on the internet and in their minds, but not where it matters; in the streets.