Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fantino the Fuck-Up

All through his career, Julian Fantino has been an arrogant know-nothing. The only time he ever did anything right was when he got pissed-off with the racist windbag, that stupid fuckwad, Gary McHale, who bitched and whined about "two-tier justice" in Caledonia. And that was it. Fantino wasn't so much on the sides of the First Nations protestors as he was mad at McHale for making difficulties.

The impression that I have of his career as a federal politician is of a useless harper stooge. Unthinking, unrepresentative, and quite possibly corrupt. He's a high profile stooge though. Unlike my own "representative" John Carmichael, who eagerly fellates harper in a lesser capacity.

But, anyway, ... all I've got to say to Fantino about his latest mess is: Great job you moron! Your party bases a lot of its street-cred on its militarism and, therefore, its devotion to "the troops." Lord knows you guys have done a lot to undermine yourselves, but you, actually missing a scheduled meeting with veterans protesting the closure of Veterans Affairs offices (just so you could sit like a bump on a log at a cabinet meeting), and then, when you bump into them in a hallway afterwards, you get into a fight with them! You don't even have the sense or the self-control to be contrite. You try to lecture them about the importance of sitting like a lump in a cabinet meeting!

Then you lie about it later.

Julian Fantino, you are such a fuck-up.


Anonymous said...

Not having cable, I hadn't yet heard about this story. I will listen to the radio more carefully today to see if it gets any play. After reading your entry I pulled up the national post version of it by that shithead christie blight-ford to see the angle they were peddling and it was surprisingly scathing for a corporate propaganda rag. It seemed the majority of the comments below by their mainly conservative readership were equally scathing. So it would appear that the pmo emergency whitewash team will have another sizeable job ahead of them to eliminate that invariable shit laden smell of hot garbage emanating from stephen harper's rat-hole of a colon.

thwap said...

Yeah. There was no excuse for his behaviour. Politically, it was disastrous for the "troop-loving" Conservatives.

That meeting took months to arrange and Fantino was too gutless to see them. Then, proving that most bullies are guided by cowardice, he tried to meet their justified anger with derision.

thwap said...

Stuart Blaber,

There's no way I can publish that letter. I wasn't even able to select and copy the text so that i could post an edited version of it.

I agree with you that Fantino is a total disgrace though.