Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chris Alexander Stands Up For Pro-Western Ukrainians

Laughable hypocrite, harpercon stooge and, now, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander (who has no problem with rape and torture when it's perpetrated by Canada's allies) is standing heroically with what looks like a small crowd of pro-Western Ukrainians) against the terribly undemocratic government of the Ukraine.

Now, I'll tell you: My Grandmother was Ukrainian. They suffered horribly under Stalin and the Nazis and then Stalin again. My heart goes out to them. But I know nothing of the latest political crisis there and I don't really care. There was an "Orange Revolution" that was trumpeted by Western media, and partially financed by the US government, which turned out to only usher in an extremely corrupt coterie of pro-USA stooges. Now, the criminal-authoritarian Putin is on the winning side.

But check out what the Immigration Minister from the corrupt election fraud party of Canada is threatening sanctions for in the Ukraine:
The situation in Ukraine — beset by a government that seems to be moving away from Western-style democracy and into the arms of Russia — worsened last week as the country’s parliament passed legislation designed to stamp out anti-government demonstrations.

The laws make it illegal for protesters to wear face masks, use loudspeakers, or set up tents at rallies.
Yeah right. Hasn't this dip-shit heard about the Toronto G20? Doesn't he know how police-state his own country gets when the corporate agenda is challenged? Of course he does. Chris Alexander is a shameless hypocrite. Perhaps there will also be a comfy jail cell waiting for him, when and if this fucking country ever gets its act together.


Anonymous said...

He's just another mindless, bootlicking asshole that harper can trust to do the party-line bidding unchallenged or he wouldn't be in his position anyway. These guys are all so pathetically predictable. Canada won't get its act together. The mega-corporations have the best parliament money can buy here, just like the u.s. congress. Aint gonna be no jail time here, bud.

thwap said...

I don't think we'll get our act together either. We're too fucking stupid and debased, ignorant and apathetic.