Friday, January 17, 2014

Ontario Politics

Should the ONDP's Andrea Horwath have taken the distasteful, but principled stance of siding with the cretinous Tim Hudak against the Ontario Liberal government's appalling and disgusting contempt of the legislature (withholding of information from the majority of MPP's; attempted destruction of government records, repeated lying to the legislature about the cost of the gas plant cancellations)? However obviously bad Hudak's policies would be, is not the principle of respect for the legislature paramount over policy differences?

But what sort of a choice is Hudak? His party had a finance minister present the budget in a Magna auto-parts factory. Hudak himself chose to sit with the obnoxious boor, Randy Hillier, in defiance of the Speaker's order that Hillier leave the legislative chamber.

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives are no friends of the principle of parliamentary democracy.

Besides which, Horwath disgraced herself and her party by running roughshod over local riding democracy, installing sleazy nit-wit Adam Giambrone as the party's candidate in a provincial by-election against the will of the membership and blatantly obstructed any investigation into the sordid mess.

That's politics for you. Or at least the politics of a degenerate culture that doesn't even know what it believes in anymore.

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Owen Gray said...

Your cynicism is well founded, thwap.