Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Bring harper Down?

War-crimes. Torture. Rape cover-ups. Attacks on First Nations. Attacks on immigrants. Corruption. CORRUPTION. CORRUPTION. Contempt of Parliament. Election fraud.

That's just off the top of my head. Now my friends and fellow bloggers are posting about harper's destruction of public libraries, especially marine science.

My question to you fuckers is: Instead of documenting his latest crime, why don't you think of what's necessary to bring harper down? his hubris, re: the Senate scandal, is a result of his awareness of the complete ineffectuality of us, his critics. Don't blame "the sheeple." Blame us: The wimples, for being unable to lead the "sheeple" in defence of their basic democratic traditions.


the salamander said...

.. Indy bloggers, artists, biologists, historians, archivists, teachers, First Nations, legal and constitutional experts, students, among others ..

will likely need to force feed 98% of mainstream media with copyright free, information, fact, truth, opinion, analysis, photos, records, transcripts, quotes

the Harper Departure needs a continuous level of 'push' .. as it won't be enough to shove the lout out the political swinging door..

the remnants of his jackal pack need to be identified for who they are, and the gutless complicity they embraced with gusto and greed.

I've never seen a journalist who didn't appreciate a scoop, strong source documents or artifacts, validation and clear analysis & story.

In short.. the mass media loves a villain ..
and we have one in particular.. plus an unsavory, ethic less cowardly pack to flesh out the stinking storyline

I'm developing a commemorative stamp series
heroic Harper with razor sharp copyline
Stephen Lautens has already scooped me with his stamp of Harper - picture in Arctic - 'Leave Nothing Standing'

My first stamp will commemorate on the Harper Party Values
'Spying on Ordinary Canadians is Canadian Values'

thwap said...

I have no "scoops" to give the mass media. They do a middling job of at least reporting on the daily abuses harper imposes on many of the groups above.

People like Lawrence Martin, Carol Goar, heck, even Paul Wells and Andrew Coyne, report critically on one or the other of harper's monstrous crimes.

No. I'm afraid the news is out there and a majority of Canadians don't care. I do believe that the minority that DOES care, is large enough to accomplish something, and thereby get their [OUR] point of view across, and that this would inevitably build more support for the anti-harper cause.

But so far, my fellow leftists seem incapable of even articulating a course of action.

Perhaps, in my frustration at my lack of success and lack of resources, I gave up too quickly. But all the while, NOTHING ELSE WAS BEING PROPOSED. Which led me to think the left's failure was due to something pathological and beyond my power to affect.

I do agree with you though, that harper the individual is only the main representative of a anti-democratic virus in this country and that it won't be enough to remove him from power and force his retirement.

We must expose the whole bloody regime afterwwards with the full powers of parliamentary inquiry and then prosecute and incarcerate the guilty, destroy the party as a viable institution and salt the earth for it's deluded and degenerate supporters.

(By this I do not mean taking away their right to vote. But to so change the political climate, that when these yahoos blither about depriving medical services to refugees or forcing teenage girls to have their babies and then denying them benefits (to teach them the error of their filthy, sluttish ways), or any of their nonsensical ideas about murdering more Arabs overseas, ... that they get howled down by decent people and relapse into embarrassed silence.

Alec said...


Anonymous said...

"the remants of his jackal pack need to be identified for who they are" -- the 25-30 per cent who will always vote Con/Ford, no matter what the evidence shows.They should be publicly SHAMED.

thwap said...

It would be nice if they were capable of shame. Then we'd have to get a critical mass of people to understand how imbeclic that demographic really is.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not they're capable of shame is something they'll have to work out behind bars. And during prison visits. The shame, because of their corruption, lies and smarm, will eventually catch up with them. Of the 25-30% who've been spliced away from the herd and the trough, haven't they shown how quickly they'll turn? Now, the journalists who are still doing their best to 'embrace with gutless complicity' the monster they helped create--need to re-assess whether they want a credible career in the future or go down in flames of Glenn Beckery. The grifters are being exposed.

thwap said...

They've certainly been exposed. And if there's ever a reversal of fortunes between democrats and thieves, they (the thieves) will have been damned by their own actions and words.