Monday, January 27, 2014

Canada Losing Something Precious

Contrary to what witless "conservatives" think; we aren't in any danger of becoming an Islamic theocracy. How was that supposed to have worked anyhow? A couple of Human Rights Commission rulings that Halal food doesn't have to be labelled as such, followed by a bomb exploding somewhere and then our whole parliamentary system of government collapses and we become part of the Caliphate, ruled from Baghdad?

Also, contrary to "conservative" hysteria and paranoia, the Liberal Party of Canada isn't controlled by Montreal mobsters. The Liberals weren't really robbing and fleecing us all, 24-7 and imposing mandatory gay marriage in solar-powered Unitarian-Pagan churches with the kids in the church basement being minded by transsexual communist daycare providers. (Unionized, natch.)

When you think about it for even a second, the fears of the ilk of KKKate MakkkMillan and her brood, the "blogging tories" or whatever the fuck hard-right harpercon supporter you can find, are pretty ludicrous.

See, the thing is, as a leftist, my most realistic option had always been the NDP. And we NEVER won an election. And I despise and loathe both the Liberals and the Conservatives. But I also realized that with parliamentary government and with the rule of law, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that things would never get TOO bad. So long as the politicians respected these traditions. Governments that got too arrogant or which were too incompetent, would be defeated at the polls. I would never be groaning under genuine Liberal or Conservative dictatorship.

But then, 9-11 changed everything, didn't it? First, the Liberals succumbed to the hysteria and rammed-through their imbecilic Anti-Terrorism Act which took a pick-axe to our rights and freedoms. This was followed by the coming to power of a lifeless-eyed sociopath who holds our entire system of government in contempt. It is stephen harper and his harpercon party of Canada that is destroying every shred of accountability and every last check on abuse of power in our system.

You know, you look at the convulsions being suffered by the people of Egypt as they look for democracy. Then you look at what we were lucky enough to have been born into, and you think about what harper has done to that birthright, ... and then you realize that Canadian leftists were too stupid to be capable of doing anything about it.


Beijing York said...

Depressing post but not much that I don't agree with. Post-911 security laws have placed a strangle hold on democracy while testing the populace's willingness to sacrifice a great deal for nothing. It also laid down the groundwork for stoking xenophobic attitudes that have made it wholly acceptable to introduce draconian measures against refugees and turn a blind eye on torture and generally foster distrust and contempt for oppressed people.

The opposition parties have been criminal in their gutlessness. Only one collective move made sense in the last decade and a half - the coalition that formed to legally oust Harper's minority government. The media played their useful part in destroying that momentum but equally damning was the turncoat in their midst, f*cking Count Iggy. Then we had totally useless GG Jean who was easily steamrolled by Harper.

thwap said...

Sorry that I'm always depressing you Beijing York. Alas, alack! I call 'em as i see 'em.

But that first prorogation, ... yes, our system faced a major test there, and all our gate-keepers failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

Harper is no Conservative, what-so-ever. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. That should have been enough, to scare the hell out of everybody. Make no mistake? Harper is one evil monster.

Conrad Black was a member of Harper's Northern Foundation in 1989. He was Harper's propaganda machine and is still, a shill for Harper.

Many of us are very impressed with Mulcair bringing Harper down and, catching him in his lies in Parliament. Mulcair is the most intelligent, of all of them.