Wednesday, January 22, 2014

See, Here's the Problem ...

The link title (and the article's sub-title) is "Don't write off stephen harper." But, you see, he SHOULD be written off, BY EVERYBODY. Even if you agree with the basic tilt of his policies, it should be the bare minimum for a person who respects parliamentary democracy, that a politician not demonstrate flagrant contempt for Parliament. We should expect a prime minister to NOT promote ignorance and delusion about our system of government (re: calling a proposed coalition a "coup"). We should expect a politician not to abuse and debase our electoral process as stephen harper and his party have done REPEATEDLY.

The point is, given our shit-headed Supreme Court majority ruling that says it's okay to stuff ballot-boxes, the opposition's failure to work together, and etc., etc., the stupid docility or bullshit "radicalism" of the non-parliamentary left, etc., etc., ... harper might survive in power, but anyone who writes about him and who claims to respect democracy, MUST write him off.

He's a sickening, lunk-headed disgrace. [Just like his comrade-in-arms, Rob Ford.]

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