Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Various and Sundry

Obnoxious young asswipe Justin Beiber is found to have cocaine in his home (after police arrived to investigate the stupid spoiled brat's pelting eggs at a neighbour's house). Seems that homeschooled, Christian Bieber hasn't absorbed enuff of the teachings of his Lord n' Saviour, Jeeziz Christ.

Pompous, untalented, hypocritical. lazy fuckwad David Brooks, who is always going on about how non-white people have to learn to control their animalistic impulses, has decided that being a loud, cretinous, obese slob of a bully is a-okay if it's a white Republican. Hence his kind and tolerant words about the disgusting Chris Christie. Because Brooks is a Republican and as I said above, a hypocrite. What he's really asking for is for Christie to sit on his face and shart all over him.

Rob Ford's 2014 mayoral campaign slogan has been chosen and it's a winner! "Ford for Mayor: He's not smoking crack cocaine with gangsters anymore."

Finally, a Tip O' My Hat to Neil Young. Young is an uneven performer and thinker in my opinion. But he's 100% awesome when it comes to standing up to stephen harper and his parade of criminal half-wits on the issue of the Tar Sands and harper's shameful treatment of the First Nations and our treaty obligations to them. I thoroughly despise the racist, whining, stupid, ignorant harpercons and everything they have to say on this issue is useless garbage and un-fuck them forever.