Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bill C-639 (Amended!)

Dr. Dawg talks about it here. Another private member's bill that has the full backing of the harpercon government. This one will criminalize people who peacefully "interfere" with the "enjoyment" of "critical infrastructure." This includes 10-year sentences for protesters who block the building of a pipeline to bring bitumen to the BC coast where it will spill into the coastal waters and devastate them. Or the oil pipeline itself (built below standards by underpaid foreign labour) will leak and flood the lands of one of Canada's First Nations.

Cue the shit-heads both at that National Post link, and at Dr. Dawg's (the usual fecal-brains, Peter1, kazyrght, Marky Mark) sputtering about their right to drive around without being inconvenienced. To his credit, Marky Mark is fanatically consistent about everyone's right to not be inconvenienced.)

Let me try to explain things to these stupid motherfuckers; Society is not a bunch of happy, smiley people, holding hands and skipping from one flower-covered hill to the next. In Canada, for instance, our political system is dominated by greedy, selfish fossil-fuels industry assholes, and corrupt, stupid Bay Street criminals, with assorted villains from other industries playing secondary roles. Our elites can, and do, gouge people, fleece people, abuse people, betray people, kill people.

Some people (those with more brains than you apparently) care about the health of the planet, or the rights of people in Afghanistan and Iraq to not be slaughtered, or about missing Aboriginal women, than about your general rights to "convenience" (the opposite, I assume of your being "inconvenienced"). Or, some people have a personal stake in something that they feel is greater than, say, your right to drive around conveniently from place to place. Maybe they've got loved ones in a country that we're planning to attack. Maybe it's their lands that will be destroyed by a leaking pipeline. Maybe it's them and their peers who are risk of being kidnapped and murdered. Maybe they stand to lose pensions that will condemn them to poverty and misery. Maybe they're already poor and miserable and they think the government should help them out? Maybe greedy, short-sighted and stupid assholes are trying to raise their tuitions and plunge them into crippling debt.

The price of living in a quasi-democracy like Canada is that you sometimes have to be inconvenienced by protests held by people who care about something more than they care about your right to flit about like the carefree sheep that you want to be.

First Amendment: That it be added to this blog-post that this bullshit legislation is being proposed to deal with protesters who are responding to a pipeline that is being built AFTER the harpercons used their stolen majority to ram-through omnibus bills that gutted environmental and democratic safeguards that had been created through decades of democratic processes.

The shamelessness of harpercon scum makes your head spin.

Second Amendment: That it be added to this blog-post that perhaps we should retain this legislation after the harpercons have all been imprisoned. We could then accuse those capitalist scum who use economic black-mail of trying to "interfere with our enjoyment of critical infrastructure"  and lock their asses up with their harpercon errand boys. They don't have a god-given right to take Canadian money out of the country because they disagree with the results of the democratic process.

Third Amendment: (And i wasn't expecting this one.) That the anonymous anti-democratic coward who left a puerile insult in my comments section be instructed to leave something slightly more substantial than that if it wants to see it's writing published. Stretch that lil' brain of yours darling. Otherwise fuck-off.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Uncle Joe Stalin leave the Na*is, a scorched earth?

Harper is a traitor doing acts of treason for, selling Canada to Communist China with his FIPPA deal. Why is Harper not in prison? In my Granddads day? They would have found a stout tree and a rope. That is how they dealt with traitors back then.

zoombats said...

Hey Thwap. Well said and after I read the comments on Dawg's I couldn't resist reflecting on those assholes who feel they have been inconvenienced by protests. It is 7:17 on Thursday morning here in Hong Kong, two hours before the cops go in and clean up the remaining Occupy group. I have to listen to these ex-pat assholes from various parts of the "Free" world who are pissed that their commute to Wan Chai has been obstructed. These fuckers can take their booty back to whence they came from when the shit really hits the fan. They don't see the resistance of young students as a fight for limited democracy as anything more than an annoyance.Mark

thwap said...


Now, we're not even allowed to protest about what harper's doing. Not even peacefully.

thwap said...

Mark Zoombats,

We're going that way. Police clearing away anybody they goddamn feel like suppressing.