Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shop-lifting as a revolutionary act

I got nothing.

That was just something I heard from an anarchist recently.

If you want proof of the Left's incapacity to shape the world, there you have it.

Jesus fucking christ.


greg said...

There is this Get Smart Episode "Is this dream necessary" on you tube. The intro is trippy and I think that word is accurate. Fear and Loathing must have stolen it.

Plus, I need to see Neighbours again with JOhn Belushi. Saw it new years eve with the family like 30 years ago. Everyone but me thought it was crap. Then I saw it like ten years ago. Still thought it was good.

Remember how Bell Media said they wouldn't destroy the movie channels and HBO when they took it over from Astral? Those were good times.

I still remember when Showcase used to show good movies.
I'm not procrastinating at all.... NO Way..

thwap said...

"Switch those coffee cups again and it's 'Pump City' Earl!"

greg said...

"I'm so hungry I could eat a baby's butt through a park bench"

Paraphrasing I think.

That's all I got.

thwap said...

I assume that's from "Neighbours."