Friday, December 19, 2014

stephen harper, the Laughable, Pathetic Coward, Part XXXIX

Is it CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge's job to suck all of the klingons off of the hairs around stephen harper's asshole until they're as clean as if they'd had a shampoo at the beauty salon?

I'm just asking a question here.

Reading Montreal Simon yesterday, I got to find out how the perpetually fearful (of everything) stephen harper has decided to rationalize his laughable, pathetic cowardice when a gunman entered the Parliament building last October.

The CBC has helpfully (because there's no way in Hell that I would ever listen to that jackass for even five minutes) provided a transcript of the recent Mansbridge-harper interview. Let's have a look, shall we?
The incidents that I mentioned, at the moment they were happening it would be hard to determine exactly what was happening, who was behind these, how involved ISIS or ISIL might be. (overlap)
Um when we've looked at them, the difference between the Canadian and the other incidents is as a leader, you were right there.
You were there when it happened.
Yeah. One of them anyway.
One of them. But we've never heard your story. What was it like in that room? There is a gunman on the other side of the door and there was a lot of shooting going on.
You know, Peter, as you know, I don't spend a lot of time talking about myself. At a time like that, my first responsibility and as you know, I've told you we've received some training to deal with these kinds of situations. My first responsibility is to extricate myself from such a situation so I can continue the normal functions of government and obviously extraordinary functions on a day like that.  ...
Since when is whimpering in a closet an "extraordinary function" that it's necessary the prime minister must do?

I don't need to tell you that for everybody in Parliament that day, not just our caucus, the other caucuses, the staff and employees, it was an experience no one wants to repeat. And obviously all our various police and security agencies on the Hill, off the Hill are going over the details of that to reach some conclusions on how they can ah better prevent and better respond to such incidents (overlap) in the future.
Notice how harper is quick to try to switch from his own sordid behaviour to the imagined reactions of others and the responses of security personnel?
Some of the people who were in that room and in the other caucus room thought that they were afraid for their lives at that moment when they heard what was going on outside that door.
Yeah, that's a fact. That's beyond a doubt.
So –
Absolutely beyond a doubt.
(IOW) "It's beyond a doubt that I was in fear for my pathetic existence. Me being a shallow narcissist and all."
What was going through your mind? I mean what were you hearing?
Um look as everybody knows, we were, you know, I told people we were – we were in a caucus room. You see, you see on the video you see security people having a fire fight chasing a gunman down the hall. You're in the caucus room there, all you hear is a whole lot of shooting coming towards you. And you don't know whether that's a fire fight or whether that's just a bunch of guys with automatic weapons wiping everybody out in their path. So you don't know what that is but obviously ah I think it's fair to say that ah for everybody in the room, we were pretty concerned. 
What drivel. The gunman (Michael Zehaf-Bibeau) had already expended most of his ammunition. A few shots were fired (one of them hitting the outer-door of the NDP caucus room across the hall from the Conservative caucus room) and then Zehaf-Bibeau ran past those rooms and around a corner to hide in an alcove near the entrance to the Parliamentary Library. It was there that he was incapacitated by a shot from Sergeant-at-Arms Vickers and then taken out in a hail of bullets from the rest of the security team. 

The thing is, harper was already crying in the closet by the time the gunman had run past his meeting room. Did he really have time to process whether those were police chasing a lone-gunman down the hall or a team of professional terrorist gunmen with body armour and automatic weapons intent on wreaking Islamic vengeance upon the infidel Parliamentarians? The answer, obviously, is "no." At the first sign of danger, harper scarpered. "When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled."
Perhaps you might think that I'm being unfair to harper, expecting him to be coolly evaluating the progress of the gun battle as it was happening. But harper is going to make much of his vaunted "training" and how it helped him deal with the situation. When your "training" only results in your immediately running for a closet, it's obvious that things happened exactly like this: 

Gunfire is heard. The RCMP tells harper to hide. He hides. End of story.

And, I had this to say the first time I heard about harper's cowering:
For what it's worth, I had a gun pointed straight at my face (from perhaps 3-5 meters away), so I know they're scary. I might have wanted to hide when there had been shots fired in the hallways outside the Chamber. I'm also sure that there were security personnel who were obligated to protect the prime minister (even though that position is occupied by a usurper) and they would have been very insistent that he be taken to a safe place. I might have allowed myself to have been convinced by their insistence.
But then, if I was a guy who had bullied and brow-beaten my cabinet and caucus for a decade, and lied, cheated and stole to get where I am, I think I would have no problem telling those security people to forget about dragging me off to a broom closet.

Justin Trudeau's "slut" of a father (to quote the doughy puss-ball Ezra Levant) ignored his security detail when angry rioters were tossing bottles (and god knows what else might happen sir!) at a St. Jean-Baptist Day parade. He stayed put while many others ran for cover and earned enormous political capital for it. Here was harper's chance to prove himself an equal in courage. And he blew it.

I know one thing for certain; if I had gone into a broom closet while my colleagues faced danger, I would NOT then say "We will not be intimidated." Because, harper, you most definitely WERE intimidated.

In other words, harper had a chance to act like a leader and he failed. Simple as that. Understandable, but also, extremely embarrassing for one who constantly poses as a warrior-leader, to the extent of playing dress-up in military attire.
Were you scared?
You know, I, I think I mentioned to you, I've been trained in incidences like that. Obviously you get keyed up. But um –
What does it mean you were trained, like –
Well the RCMP has run me through some drills to simulate these kinds of situations. So ah you know, as a prime minister you're in a little bit different position of other people, Peter. ...
It's already been well established that hiding at the first sign of danger hardly counts as "training." And it's the opposite of "leadership." When a sniper took shots at the crowd during the liberation of Paris, Charles de Gaulle did not cower. He stood there, all two meters of him. (He was insane, but that's what makes a man a warrior-leader. What harper has yet to figure out is that you can't pantomime being a warrior-leader if you're a gutless coward.) 

Here, harper begins to babble about imaginary plots and his own paranoia, acting as if his ravings have anything to do with the mentally-ill man whose attack sent him cowering in fear.
As prime minister I have access obviously to all the government's intelligence, all the security risks that are faced by the country and by me personally. 
This would be practically nothing. Although, as the government and the news media trumpet "Islamic Fundamentalism" as this super-grave threat to our nation's existence (thus making it seem awesome to a certain sort of insecure, unbalanced men), and as long as we continue to attack predominantly Muslim countries, and (insanely enough) SUPPORT jihadist groups (in Libya, Syria, etc.) a genuine threat might emerge.
... So, you're in a different head space than most other people who are suddenly facing this kind of situation for the first time.  ...
Ah-ha-ha-ha! Ignoring for the moment that YOU were facing that kind of situation for the first time too, are you saying that if they were "trained" like you were, they would have all stampeded for the closet at the same time that you did??? You fucking imbecile!
As I say it's a – it's a situation nobody wants to repeat. But the bigger question and obviously the questions we're looking at as we formulate additional legislation to deal with this terrorist threat is what do we have to do to protect the country writ large. That's really our main concern. 
Given that funding for mental health programs and programs for fighting drug addiction would have prevented this guy's rampage, it's pretty revealing that you've said NOTHING about reversing your cuts to such spending. The fact of the matter harper (you fucking scum-bag) is that you WANT there to be more shit like this. Just not around you. Because it scares you, and your fearful reaction cuts into your laughable attempts to present yourself as a "strong leader."
Just the last point. Were you, as has been reported, put in a closet?
Ah you know, I'm not going to comment on that. Um ah one of the ah – one of the things you try and do in a situation like that is conceal yourself if you can. But obviously the best situation is to exit, as I said, so that you can – so the prime minister can continue to run the government and that's what we were able to do within a few minutes fortunately. 
In other words: "In answer to your useless question (since I already felt ashamed enough about hiding in the closet that I apologized to my caucus), yes, I was hiding in a closet. Can we change the subject?"
Who was the first person you called when you got out of there?
I called my mom just to assure her I was okay and ah, and ah I could tell by her voice that she was concerned.
She'd probably been watching all this.
Yeah she was watching.
What a pathetic fucking coward. What a travesty of a human being. What a bullshit interview.

I'm not going to make any comments about harper's mother. She might have had something to do with her son turning out to be such a disgusting, loathsome creature, or she might have tried her best with the material she was given and he would have been a total scum-bag no matter what.


lungta said...

mansbridge and harper have been informed as to conduct and vetted to their role by the bilderberg group whom they represent primarially first
that being the case
you have to expect a lot of ball cupping and heavy sighing in their little public trists designed to gate keep for the elites and mislead the public
this softball interview is just an extension to rewrite the history of the contrived event.
unbelievable ...yes but on the record now and not as egregious as the other lies the mainstream has swallowed hook line and sinker

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Bilderbergers. Harper, Jason Kenny, Nigel Wright, henchman Gordon Campbell and Conrad Black was on the steering committee of the Bilderberg. Conrad Black was also a member of Harper's Northern Foundation of 1989.

Not even the King and Queen left London during the blitz. They said, if the people had to face this, so would they and they did.

Queen Elizabeth was threatened by a terroist attack, if she attended Remebrance Day Services. That didn't stop her, she went anyway and laid the wreath, as was her duty.

thwap said...


Elites will be elites, whether they're fornicating with owls at bilderberg or not.

Personally, I'm not sure this was a "contrived event." If it was, why would harper have humiliated himself instead of posing as a great warrior-leader?

I think it's entirely possible that a disturbed young man concocted this scheme out of snippets of stuff he's encountered in the culture.

Just like that guy who killed the RCMP officer in New Brunswick, who was influenced by all that right-wing libertarian/conspiracy/gun-nut culture.

Regardless, harper's own explanations for this event, contrived or not, were ultimately self-destructive. he comes across as a pathetic worm.

the salamander said...

.. not sure you have the scenario in the Conservative caucus room pinned down correctly..

There's a lot of facts missing, there's some convenient mythology from Tony Clement re him bolting upstairs with sever other MP's.

Harper essentially infers he hid or was hidden in the broom closet after the 'firefight'.. it lasted exactly 10 seconds.

The CBC camera that recorded 2 shots, no doubt from the attacker's rifle plus shouts of 'put it down'.. and 1 minute later caught a single shot, then a barrage of revolver fire (10 seconds) is revealing

My understanding is that 1 shot was also fired at the entrance stairs wounding an unarmed security giard, prior to two shots at the respective caucus room doors

No ammo found on the body, was his rifle empty? Just a knife for mass beheadings? Damn a lot of unanswered questions..

Has the murderer of Cpl Cirillo even been buried yet? And the autopsy completed.

Thankfully the investigation is in the hands of the brilliant Speaker Scheer .... ......

thwap said...


Whether its bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, Davos, or any other organization, ... the main thing isn't that it's about elites trying to take over the world.

They're merely gatherings of feudal barons who already rule the world.

But yeah, harper ran. harper hid. harper doesn't give a moment of thought to the fact that he sent other people into combat and their training wasn't to run and hide until somebody else made the bad man go away.

thwap said...


I actually went to the CBC website to see something of the blow-by-blow recordings that were made, in order to establish how long everything took.

By the third advertisement I just closed the website in disgust.

I decided to just say that the whole thing didn't take too long and that harper dove for cover at the first opportunity, as per his "training."

What a coward.

the salamander said...

.. you should watch.. and listen to that video. There's another video floating around where they synchronized three cameras and fit them onto a single screen, with one audio track. Very. informative in context to footage of the gunman pulling up and running into the building

Bottom line.. we really need all witnesses testimony made public, inc inside the caucus rooms, RCMP, police & any military or security

Last I looked, this was Canada, that was one of our soldiers murdered - standing guard with an empty rifle. And this is not a fiefdom run by a political party or a Government of One

thwap said...


Oh, we definitely need a public airing of this incident.

Just like we need more information about what our military does in war zones.

Or how our money is being spent.

But we seem content, as a nation, to let harper shit all over accountability.

For the purposes of my post though, the attack began and ended within a very short period of time. And harper ran pissing and shitting for the closet within seconds.

Because of his "training."

Scotian said...


One of your best posts ever in my view. The sheer chutzpah of Harper claiming his "training" made him run into that closet, which btw he won't talk about even though he had to apologize to his caucus for doing so, was even by the standards of Harper breathtaking in its depth and stench. Bottom line, Harper quickly hid like a coward as his FIRST reaction, the timeline makes that abundantly clear, he abandoned his caucus to fend for themselves and to soak up any bullets for him while he hid in that closet. He left them so fast his afterimage was all they had. This is just a harsh truth, but then harsh truths are things the Harperium avoids, especially its leader, particularly when it comes to his own conduct.

What really well and truly offends me is that this is the PM who has made a fetish of wearing military clothes he has ZERO right to wear, and used them for political campaign imagery. What he did, had he actually done so in a similar situation as those whose uniforms he has aped would have them facing court martial and dishonourable discharge, if not prison, and he dares to claim it was because of his training and because he is somehow more deserving of protection than any other MP? Democratic government is greater than any one man, something Harper clearly fails to grasp, which given his contempt for it overall is hardly surprising, if sickening. Truly disgusting!

You know one of the things about this that I think must really eat away at him underneath it all? He knows that unlike himself Justin Trudeau is NOT a physical coward, he has proven that on more than one occasion in the boxing ring, including against a now disgraced Senator of Harpers own choosing. One doubts Justin Trudeau would have had as a first reaction (and it is clearly the first reaction Harper had to hide in that closet, the timeline doesn't give any other realistic interpretation as far as I can tell) to hide in the closet if he had been the PM in this situation, no he would have likely stayed with his people, helped them face the situation, and showed his courage. For a man that claims he is the leader and Trudeau is a wannabe, this image of his hiding in the closet is a true potential election game changer so of course he is going to do all he can to make it as hard as possible to have his naked cowardice any more exposed than he can help, in both his interviews and in the information released from the incident itself.

One last note, that any journalist worthy of the name would let Harper get away with saying he just won't talk about hiding in a closet while abandoning his MPS to a threat does not in any sense deserve the title, and certainly not the respect. Mansbridge was a disgrace on this point. This was a point that needed pressure because of what it reveals about the first reactions of the man who IS our current PM, let alone the fact he makes so much about being our war/security leader. How one acts in the heat of the moment of crisis is the truest indicator of the nature of a person, and in this moment we saw Harper in all his truest nature expose himself, and any truly self respecting journalist worthy of the title would understand that and not let him get away with such a weak refusal. At the very minimum it would have been much harder pressed before moving on, it deserved AT LEAST that much!

thwap said...


Yeah, it's not as if Mansbridge just ran into harper in the hallway and asked him if he had time for an interview. He had a long time to prepare his questions and anticipated follow-ups.

To deliberately let harper sow doubt about whether or not he hid in a closet when it's already a known fact that he did, was disgraceful.

Mansbridge should have asked him about his playing soldier on other occasions, and about how he feels about sending other Canadians to face bullets and bombs, rather than run and hide from them.

I want to repeat though, I wouldn't begrudge anyone who hid from such danger, especially if they were being told to do so by their security people. But I DO begrudge harper doing that because of all of his posturing and braggadaccio and his militarism.

He is a COWARD.

Scotian said...


I can understand your caveat about not begrudging, but I do not share it. One of the prices of leadership, ANY leadership role, is that when a crisis happens you have to face it, not run away from it. Keep in mind he was in a caucus room with over a hundred and fifty people, he could have stayed in the back, surrounded by MPs, and directed them while still clearly taking measures to protect his safety. That though is clearly not what his first reaction was, no it was to flee like the scared little boy he has conclusively shown lives in his core. You know my writing style thwap, how often to I ever get this direct, this nakedly contemptuous of the person of a politician (as opposed to their policies, their actions in government, where I can be rather direct and pointed, I try to avoid getting too personal as a rule, but this case, this case is something truly atypical and needing noting), I don't because I try to always separate the person from the office/policy. This time though, that cannot be done, and this would be true even with a PM who didn't make a fetish out of the "strong leader" image.

My problems with Harper at the political level do not require me to see him as some sort of physical coward, his moral cowardice was more than enough for me and well on display with his naked contempt for our institutions of government, institutions he is sworn to protect and to preserve. So this is in many respects an issue separate from my regular opposition to Harper. This revealed something about the man I did not know, AND because it reveals it in such an unambiguous manner it cannot be ignored nor should not be. It would be one thing if Harper came out shame faced and admitted to a moment of human weakness, that kind of searing honesty would actually have earned my respect, and likely that from many in this nation, but that is not the approach he is taking. No, he is trying to rewrite history and blame some sort of unknown RCMP "training" for why his first response in direct danger is flight, not fight.

I don't require that he be at the front line of the MPs, but stay with them, direct them, yes, I do actually expect that minimum amount of leadership courage in such a situation from ANYONE in the office of Prime Minister. We know he was not told at the time to hide by his security people (since there were none in the room), and until he presents hard documented evidence that this was policy from his security people prior to this event I am not willing to take his word on that matter being a standing rule. What bothers me most is that no prior PM do I see acting the way he did, and that is something I simply cannot get past on a personal level.

If you are the kind of person to flee from danger as your first role, you do not deserve to be a major political leader let alone PM, because that kind of cowardice inevitably affects overall judgment in terms of things like overcompensation, overreaction and so forth, and that is always dangerous in those that have the tools/levers of government at their control, such as any sitting PM does.

This is something that really bothers and truly offends me aside from my usual issues with Harper the politician thwap, and I am less forgiving about it than you it seems (not that in most cases I would disagree with your position, I just think certain roles, certain positions, require a higher standard, and this office is definitely one of them).

thwap said...


1. I just don't want to write anything that might embarrass me should I find myself as much of a coward at some point in the future.

2. I've always assumed there were security people in the caucus room, telling harper to get to safety. It never occurred to me that even harper would be so brazen as to abandon his people on his own initiative.

If that's true, he's more contemptible than even I imagined.

lungta said...

wow good post/thread
and this mornings cbc opinion from tv
"it's thee defining moment of 2014"
"politically significant"
"conservative game changer"
"pm handles with experienced hand"
sad eh?
"When you dig down deep / You lose good sleep"....joni mitchell

Scotian said...


1: Understandable, understandable, and recall I noted that is he came clean about a moment of human weakness my reaction would have been different. I still would not have been happy with the physical cowardice, bu the moral courage to come clean about such would have shown something to offset that, but as we well know that is NOT what we've been getting, nor are ever going to see.

That you want to give him the benefit of that doubt is actually very decent of you thwap, and like I said, for most people I would not disagree. Those that seek highest office though, especially at the national level, those I do require a certain amount of basic courage from. Like I said, he didn't need to be at the front lines or anything, there were other ways to shield himself from easy attack while staying in the room and leading his MPs (instead of leaving them wondering what happened to him and to fend for themselves), but he needed to be there.

This crap about RCMP training, or the secrets he knows (what he means by that is weird, are we supposed to believe then that he could be taken hostage out of Parliament and taken for interrogation, or that immediately upon being threatened he would spill the nations highest secrets, because that is inherent in that element of his "defence") needing protection making him different from all other MPs (btw what about those CPC MPS on security committees, don't they also know a lot of classified info), it is all after the fact cover-up fiction, pure and simple.

2: No, security people were left out when it came to caucus meetings, this has been well documented, which means there were no security people putting him the closet. If nothing else proves their lack, after they supposedly put him in the closet, wouldn't they then do everything they could to organize additional defences for the PM with the other MPs, or even just to aid the MPs in their own defences? Which we know there was none of such done, that all the actions taken by the MPs were self-directed. So we know that no security people were present in that room during that entire incident, which means Harper was his own "decider" on this. To be honest thwap, I'm a touch surprised you missed that point in the coverage, it was rather well noted, but then given the info flood occurring I can see it happening. I guess I could have also been somewhat sensitized to that kind of information because of my former profession prior to being disabled which was in private security investigations.

This is why I am so pissed thwap that I am being as personal about it, because he did abandon his own people on his own initiative, and it did show him to be even more contemptible a person that even I had thought, and apparently you as well now that you know this.

thwap said...


Are they really saying his interview was awesome?

That pathetic mess of lies?


thwap said...


"To be honest thwap, I'm a touch surprised you missed that point in the coverage, it was rather well noted, but then given the info flood occurring I can see it happening."

I don't really follow the news. I follow the reactions to the news on the blog-o-sphere mostly.

I didn't think the details were all that important here. A crazy guy kills a soldier and then gets killed in a nutso attack on Parliament Hill.

During the attack, harper hides in a closet. Which I thought was on the advice of security people.

Which I thought was bad enough, considering his "tuff-guy" pretensions.

I've done most of my background reading for the details of this incident for writing this entry. And I have to say though, that not having known for over a month, the depths of harper's cowardice and hypocrisy is a truly special thing to be experiencing.

the salamander said...

.. Harper owes his political life to the late Cpl Cirillo.
If not for that unarmed soldier at the Cenotaph being murdered, the entire event shifts to 'Prime Minister hides in closet as security pursues and kills deranged gunman.

Instead of a military funeral for Cpl Cirillo we have non stop buzz of a political leader in a closet during crisis and Minister Tony Clement bolting to safety as well.. leaving MPs including one who is a quadrapalegic to face an unknown threat.

Scotian said...

Just warms your heart hmmm thwap? (Then boiling blood warms every part of the body eh?) I follow news contemporaneously especially during significant events in no small part to make it easier to catch rewrites after the fact, my faith in the honesty of our society knows no, really, I've yet to find them which means I trust little to survive revisionism of one sort or another.

This has been one of the absolutely most disgusting episodes in Canadian political history, and not just federal at that. I normally do not give politicians nicknames, but for Harper in this matter I am trying to decide between Captain Closet of the Closet Commando, because this needs to be immortalized and not allowed to fade into secrecy and let Harper use this incident to further build that edifice of deception which is his public image.

thwap said...


That's a good point. If Canadians hadn't been focused on the tragedy of Corporal Cirillo, there would have been much more time to focus on who the gunman was and why did harper run to the closet instead of protecting Michelle Rempel.

Jesus Christ! They didn't even know where he was!

What a fucking coward!!!

thwap said...


I gotta say, I didn't give harper the benefit of the doubt. It just never occurred to me that somebody could be so pathetic. So contemptible.

Such a hideous joke.

I've always intended to make him wear his hypocrisy.


This quivering sack of narcissistic shit is the hero of Canada's right-wing.